You gave your body the greatest present ever when you started working out on a regular basis. You paid for a full-time gym membership, and you have never been so keen on keeping yourself fit. You can feel all of the benefits that exercising brings, but there is still something missing.

I have had the same problem so I can easily identify it.

You shouldn’t exercise because you have to but because you want to.

The greatest danger of having an everyday workout routine is not an injury, although it might seem that it is the leading cause of abandoned training programs. The biggest danger is monotony.

You have yourself a training program according to your desires and capabilities, and you are supposed to stick with it until it gets done. Try your best to evade this kind of negative thinking as it is the main culprit for all those broken promises and unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions.

There is nothing worse than to fall into repetitiveness and to start doing your workout as another one of your daily chores. Fortunately, there is a way to mix it up and stay motivated.

If you would like to step up your workout routine, consider these five simple tips that will bring out your A game.

1. Find someone to train with

Everyday Workout - Train with someone who shares your passion

Exercising alone was actually my problem because of my work schedule that shifted constantly preventing me to plan working out with one of my friends. Going to the gym alone day after day made me lose motivation and the will to keep on going.

If you think you have the same problem, try finding a workout partner in the gym. Be friendly and positive, because you wouldn’t believe how many people are willing to help or to give you a piece of useful advice. Who knows, maybe you’ll even be that person for someone else.

2. Change the exercises

Everyday Workout - Change your exercises a bit

Following the training program, especially if it was made by a professional, is a great way to be sure that you are going in the right direction. However, even a personal trainer would suggest that you change a thing or two once in a while.

Sometimes all you need is a twist in your exercise plan, such as mixing up muscle groups. Remember to combine only those muscle groups that are complementary.

Adding a bit of diversity in your workout regime will not only have a positive effect on your motivation but could also be used as a way to upgrade your training.

3. Push yourself, break the rules, and train in your own style

Everyday Workout - Push yourself, do it in your own way

You have probably, same as me, watched YouTube tutorials or read advice from famous bodybuilders about the way to handle an individual exercise. There is nothing wrong in following a useful tip, but we all have different bodies and not all of us are exercising to compete at the highest level.

If you research a bit, you’ll see that even a simple exercise like push-ups has a lot of variations. Find the variation that suits you the most. Or, better yet, try them all out over a period of time. Soon, you’ll find out that working out is not about the end results, it’s about the journey of self-improvement.

4. Leave the gym every now and then

Everyday Workout - Leave the gym every now and then

Even the best restaurant is going to start offering you boring dishes if you go there every day. The same can be applied to the gym. People tend to confine themselves within the walls of the gym, regarding any other form exercise as futile. Don’t be that person.

If you are, for example, following a four days a week in the gym program, you could add another day or simply change an existing one. Have a stroll around your town, I’m sure you’ll find a variety of amazing activities. Play a sport in the neighborhood, take a bike for a ride or go running into a nearby park or forest (if you have access to one). Broaden your horizons and embrace the healthy lifestyle.

5. Remember to have fun

This is undoubtedly the best advice anyone can give you about working out. I could fill a thousand pages with tips about exercising both professionally and recreationally, but it simply wouldn’t matter. Concentrating on how you feel and what you desire is crucial to understand the willpower behind working out.

Teach yourself to self-explore.

Grow your body as well as your mind and let your everyday workout routine be a source of your strength.

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