World Capitalises on Great Ideas – Entrepreneurs Take note

(NewsUSA) – Dozens of countries are coming together for the first time to host Global Entrepreneurship Week, a global initiative to inspire young people to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity.

During Global Entrepreneurship Week, which lasts Nov. 17-23, 2008, millions of young people around the world will join a growing movement to generate new ideas and to seek better ways to conduct business.

Commonwealth Capital Advisors (CCA), a 10-year-old American investment banking advisory firm with a global reach, is doing its part to support this effort in giving away 1 million abridged-edition e-books entitled, “The Secrets of Wall Street – Raising Capital for Start-Up and Early-Stage Companies.”

CCA has become the advocate for the entrepreneur by specializing in assisting start-up and early-stage companies raise seed, development and expansion capital through the issuance of securities. The amounts can range from $100,000 to $20 million for operating companies and up to $100 million for REITs or other Investment Funds. CCA has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the legal, accounting and investment banking work product, just to license it to its users and to enable them to have a shot at their dream.

They have taken one of the most complex, arduous and expensive processes and reduced it to a simple, easy and inexpensive system. They have borne 90 percent of the cost and have done 90 percent of the work. It’s simply up to the entrepreneur to close the gap and finish the process of capitalizing one’s company and make their great ideas a reality.

You can get started by reading the abridged version of the e-book “The Secrets of Wall Street,” the most comprehensive guide to the world of raising capital. To download your personal copy, visit and enter promotional code 1492.

For additional information about the 2008 Global Entrepreneurship Week, visit

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