Female Fitness Motivation – Top 10 Fit Bodies (Female)

Respect goes out to each and every female in our top 10 Fit Female Bodies.

To achieve a physique like these strong women, requires immense dedication, hard work and sacrifice.
With the hard work also came reward for these stunning fitness & boybuilding models, idolised by millions & deservedly so.
Celebrity status has followed for Athletes Like Paige Hathaway, Jen Selter & Michelle Lewin, some having Instagram and Facebook followings over the million mark.
Our list is in no particular order – Have your say & share your own rankings at the bottom of the page.

Female Fitness Motivation

Paige Hathaway
Paige Hathaway is a Shredz supplements sponsored athlete who competes in fitness competitions and models. She has a huge social media following and enormous respect in the industry.

Full Name: Paige Hathaway – Female Fitness Motivation

Age: 27

Location: Oklahoma USA

Facebook Follower Count: 2,318,888 likes

Instagram Follower Count: 1.3 million

Twitter Follower Count: 105,000 followers

YouTube Follower Count: 241 subscribers

Website: http://paigehathaway.com/ 

Endorsements: Shredz

Photo via http://www.shredz.com

Jen Selter

Jen Selter is an American fitness model who generated an extremely large following on social media; mostly focused on her back side. 

Full Name: Jen Selter – Female Fitness Motivation

DOB/ Age: August 8, 1993/ 21 years old

Location: New York USA

Facebook Follower Count: 3,384,294 likes

Instagram Follower Count: 5,200,000 followers

Twitter Follower Count: 794,000 followers

YouTube Follower Count: 4,807 subscribers

Website: http://www.jenselter.com/ 

Endorsements: Cirrus Fitness, the Legacy Agency

Photo via elitedaily.com 

Michelle Lewin
Michelle Lewin is a fitness competitor and a cover model, she is a model who grew to love fitness, as she always needed to be in shape. She transitioned into fitness modeling and competitions.

Full Name: Michelle Lewin – Female Fitness Motivation

DOB/ Age: NA/ 28

Location: Florida/ USA

Facebook Follower Count: 4,029,521 likes

Instagram Follower Count: 1,300,000 followers

Twitter Follower Count: 217,000 followers

Youtube Follower Count: 40,652 subscribers

Website: http://www.modelmichelle.com/ 

Endorsements: Betancourt Nutrition

Photo via girlswithmuscle.com

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Lyzabeth Lopez

Lizabeth Lopez is a registered holistic nutritionist and personal trainer. In addition she is a TV host, model, writer and social media manager

Full Name: Lyzabeth Lopez – Female Fitness Motivation

DOB/ Age: March 1, 1981; 33 years old

Location: Toronto, Canada

Facebook Follower Count: 425,197 likes

Instagram Follower Count: 1,500,000 followers

Twitter Follower Count: 22,500 followers

YouTube Follower Count: 22,639 subscribers

Website: http://www.lyzabethlopez.com/ 

Photo via lyzabethlopez.com 

Emily Skye

Emily Skye is a model, expert of health and fitness, and founder of a fast growing food and exercise program.

Full Name: Emily Skye – Female Fitness Motivation

DOB/ Age: January 7, 1986/ 27

Location: Sydney, Australia

Facebook Follower Count: 3,338,341 likes

Instagram Follower Count: 768,000 followers

Twitter Follower Count: 49,800 followers

YouTube Follower Count: 9,989 subscribers

Website: http://www.emilyskye.com/ 

Photo via trimmedandtoned.com

Ana Delia De Iturrondo
Ana Delia De Iturrondo is a Professional IFBB Bikini model and professional fitness model.

Full Name: Ana Delia De Iturrondo – Female Fitness Motivation

Age: 34

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Facebook Follower Count: 135,148 likes

Instagram Follower Count: 244,000 followers

Twitter Follower Count: 9,664 followers

Endorsements: ProMera Sports

Photo via girlswithmuscle.com

Jessica Arevalo

Jessica Arevalo is a professional IFBB Bikini Athlete and model who also coaches bikini athletes and holds modeling seminars worldwide.

Full Name: Jessica Arevalo – Female Fitness Motivation

Age: 28

Location: California/ USA

Facebook Follower Count: 44,375 likes

Instagram Follower Count: 611,000 followers

Twitter Follower Count: 2,015 followers

YouTube Follower Count: 36 subscribers

Endorsements: Live.Fit.Apparel, NLA for Her

Photo via simplyshredded.com

Yarishna Ayala

Yarishna Ayala is a professional IFBB Bikini Competitor and salsa dancer.  

Full Name: Yarishna Ayala – Female Fitness Motivation

DOB/ Age: May 9, 1991/ 23 years old

Location: Puerto Rico

Facebook Follower Count: 241,928 followers

Instagram Follower Count: 378,000 followers

Twitter Follower Count: 8,221 followers

YouTube Follower Count: 541 subscribers

Endorsements: Nutrex

Photo via rxmuscle.com

Caitlin Rice

Caitlin Rice is a fitness enthusiast who has gained a large social media following and is rumored to rival Jen Selter’s backside popularity.

Full Name: Caitlin Rice – Female Fitness Motivation

Age:  22

Location: British Columbia

Facebook Follower Count: 109,057 likes

Instagram Follower Count: 539,000 followers

Twitter Follower Count: 14,800 followers

YouTube Follower Count: 1,151 subscribers

Website: http://caitlinricefit.com/ 

Photo via http://dailyentertainmentnews.com

Alice Matos

Alice Matos is a bikini fitness athlete and bodybuilder who has competed in competitions around the world. She has now started LaBellaMafia which is a business for fashion and fitness.

Full Name: Alice Matos – Female Fitness Motivation

DOB/ Age: March 24, 1985/ 29

Location: Brazil

Facebook Follower Count: 197,781 likes

Instagram Follower Count: 953,000 followers

Twitter Follower Count: 1,041 followers

Website: http://hardcoreladies.com.br/ 

Photo via trimmedandtoned.com


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