Bodybuilding Motivation – Top 10 Male Bodybuilders

Extreme physique & bodybuilding motivation

Bodybuilding motivation is provided in the form of each and every one of our TOP 10 Male Physiques list.
Clear examples of absolute dedication to intense training & discipline to follow through with their nutrition plans.
Beast Mode switched on every day, 24/7 and 365. These guys are in year round peak condition, famous throughout the social media world, with huge Instagram & Facebook followings and with good reason!
Who have you got as your number 1?
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Top 10 Male Bodybuilders:

Sergi Constance

Sergi Constance is a fitness model and bodybuilder. He competes in men’s physique competitions and has achieved many 1st place titles.

Full Name: Sergi Constance

DOB/ Age: October 25, 1988; 26 years old

Location: Spain

Facebook Follower Count: 2,085,732 likes 

Instagram Follower Count: 478,000 followers

Twitter Follower Count: 24,300 followers 

Youtube Follower Count: 30,835subscribers 


Endorsements: Myprotein,, Meelelectronics

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Steve Cook

Steve Cook is a international fitness model, IFBB pro Men’s Physique Competitor, Spokesmodel and founder of Swoldier. His passion for inspiring and helping others, drives him to share the message that living healthier is living happier.

Full Name: Steve Cook

DOB/ Age: December 10, 1984; 30 years old

Location: Utah, United States

Facebook Follower Count: 593,314 likes

Instagram Follower Count: 473,000 followers

Twitter Follower Count: 124,000 followers

Youtube Follower Count: 288,322 subscribers


Endorsements: Optimum Nutrition and

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Ulisses Williams, Jr.

Ulisses Williams, Jr. is a natural body builder, celebrity trainer and international fitness model.

Full Name: Ulisses Williams, Jr.

Age: 35 years old

Location: New York, United States

Facebook Follower Count: 1,268,663 likes

Instagram Follower Count: 37,200 followers

Twitter Follower Count: 128,000 followers

YouTube Follower Count: 80,175 subscribers


Endorsements: Muscle Mania, Reebok

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Simeon Panda

Arguably one of the most impressive natural physiques in the world. Simeon Panda is a professional natural body builder and sponsored athlete from London.

Full Name: Simeon Panda

DOB/ Age: 27 years old

Location: London

Facebook Follower Count: 3,016,874 likes

Instagram Follower Count: 726,000 followers

Twitter Follower Count: 33,700 followers

YouTube Follower Count: 77,614 subscribers


Endorsements: Just Lift, Musclemania, MyProtein, SP Aesthetics

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Lazar Angelov

Lazar Angelov is a promotional model, bodybuilder and athletic trainer.

Full Name: Lazar Angelov

DOB/ Age: September 22, 1984; 30 years old

Location: Bulgaria

Facebook Follower Count: 8,915,886 likes

Instagram Follower Count: 1.3 million followers

Twitter Follower Count: 77,900 followers

YouTube Follower Count: 427,167 subscribers


Endorsements: Nutri-Sups

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Sadik Hadzociv

Sadik Hadzociv is a fitness model and IFBB Men’s Physique Pro.

Full Name: Sadik Hadzociv

DOB/ Age: NA/ 27 years old

Location: Yugoslavia and New York

Facebook Follower Count: 451,042 likes

Instagram Follower Count: 181,000 followers 

Twitter Follower Count: 8,995 followers

YouTube Follower Count: 19,088 subscribers


Endorsements: GAT

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Pham Vu

Pham Vu, commonly known as Pham Woodbridge due to a mistake in an interview, is an online fitness coach.

Full Name: Pham Vu

DOB/ Age: 34 years old

Location: USA

Facebook Follower Count: NA

Instagram Follower Count: 62,300 followers

Twitter Follower Count: 266 followers

YouTube Follower Count: 4 subscribers


Endorsements: Let’s Get Made, Live Fit Apparel

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Joey Swoll

Joey Swoll is a nationally qualified athlete, model, philanthropist and bodybuilder.

Full Name: Joey Swoll

Age: 32

Location: Nevada USA

Facebook Follower Count: 157,161 likes

Instagram Follower Count: 647,000 followers

Twitter Follower Count: 34,700 followers

YouTube Follower Count: 263 subscribers


Endorsements: SHREDZ Supplements

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Helmut Strebl

Helmut Strebl is a fitness model who specializes in nutrition and personal training. He has achievements dating back to 1995. He has arguably the greatest physique in the world for his age (46)

Full Name: Helmut Strebl

Age:  46

Location: United Kingdom

Facebook Follower Count: 27,009 likes

Instagram Follower Count: 4,621 followers

YouTube Follower Count: 3,586 subscribers


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Jeff Seid

Jeff Seid is an up and coming fitness model, bodybuilder, physique competitor and personal trainer.

Full Name: Jeff Seid

DOB/ Age: June 12, 1994; 20 years old

Location: Washington/ USA

Facebook Follower Count: 2,128,887 likes

Instagram Follower Count: 638,000 followers

Twitter Follower Count: 73,100 followers

YouTube Follower Count: 394,586 subscribers


Endorsements: Gym Shark

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3 Responses

  1. MadB

    Lazar Angelov is my favorite athlete. I followed his workout routine a few years ago and although it was too intense, it was really effective.

  2. Erny Peibst

    Ulisses is in a league of his own IMO, unbelievable mass for a supposedly natural guy. One dude that sneaks under the radar is Shane Raymond, who is sponsored by grenade – he’s absolutely huge and competes only in strictly drug-tested comps like BNBF.


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