How to sell eBooks online… Make Huge Money without writing a thing!

There are many ways to make money online.

The only limit really is your imagination and creativity. Among the many income opportunities available online are: freelancing, affiliate marketing, reselling the services of others, selling products directly, dropship middleman trading, building software and offering it as a monthly subscription service, and many others.
Sadly, most of these methods of generating an online income operate on a ‘no work, no pay’ basis. In other words, for you to generate a sale, you have to put in the work to get that sale. No work. No sale. If this sounds familiar, it should. It’s like having a full-time job. If you don’t show up at the office to work, you don’t get paid for that day. This is the harsh reality many people looking to make money online find out the hard way. They simply end up trading their offline work for online employment. They aren’t in control of their financial destiny because they have to chase their lunch each and every time. If they don’t work for a sale, they don’t eat.

Thankfully, there is another way. A better way: online passive income.

Online passive income explained

Unlike the typical active income model where you only get paid if you work, passive income works in a completely different way. With passive income, you create an asset once and you make money many times over selling that asset again and again. Instead of earning only once for your work, you work once and resell the asset you produced over and over again.
The best thing about passive income is you can earn money off the digital assets you created while you sleep. That’s why it is called PASSIVE income. You don’t have to lift a finger after you have created the asset and did some initial marketing and product positioning.
Need a powerful passive income asset: Try ebook publishing

One of the most powerful digital assets you can ever create to produce passive income is an ebook. Unlike a physical book which needs to be published physically, stored in a warehouse, shipped, and handled so your customers can get them, ebooks are digital books buyers can easily download from a web page. They get redirected to this web page after paying for the book. You don’t have to lift a finger. Your customers can be buying your books while you’re sound asleep or traveling the world with your family. Sound great, right?
Make no mistake about it ebook publishing can give you the freedom you’ve been dreaming of. No need to wake up at 7AM just so you can crawl your way to the office after hassling through morning rush hour. No need for a boss to report to. No need to deal with ridiculous office politics.

The best part of creating a powerful ebook publishing passive income stream is it is relatively simple and straightforward. Follow the steps below so you can start building your ebook-based passive income empire. There is also no need to actually write the books yourself! (Explained below)

Vic Johnson - Over $7million in eBook sales

Vic Johnson – Over $7million in eBook sales

Pick the right niche

You can’t just write on any topic if you want to make money publishing ebooks. You really can’t. Why? No one will buy your books if there’s no demand for it. Just because you are excited regarding a particular set of topics or niche doesn’t necessarily mean there is a market for those topics. You have to produce books that meet an existing demand.

How to find hot niches: The Google Adwords Method

One of the easiest ways to find a hot book niche is to go to Google Adwords. Create a Gmail account and use this to create an Adwords account. Once you are in the Adwords dashboard, click  Tools and click Keyword planner.

Enter keywords related to the niches you’re interested in. Look for keyword suggestions. Note their monthly search volumes. Look for niches with a decent amount of monthly searches. Keep in mind that you should be doing search volume research on keywords that are very specific to the niches you are investigating. Avoid ‘general’ keywords.

The best results often take the form of questions. It is easier to write books on these.

How to find hot niches: The Amazon Kindle Method
Alternatively, you can go to Amazon’s Kindle books section and look for hot niches there. Simply take a look at  their best selling books (measured in terms of rank). Look at the multiple category listings for each book. Book descriptions on Kindle routinely mention that book’s ranking in related niches.

Next, look at the lowest ranked books in a niche’s Top 30 listing. If their overall sales rank is still high, that niche is in heavy demand. It is very easy to find this information because books, as mentioned above, have multiple niche rankings. Simply click through to related niches and measure their demand levels.

Find low competition niches

Now that you have a list of niche-related keywords, load them into Google to see how many competing pages focus on them. If you retrieve a number that’s less than 500,000 to 300,000, you’re in a good subniche. Why? It has a decent demand level but relatively low levels of competition.
Pick the most promising ‘sub-niche’ keywords

The key to writing a solid book? A solid outline

Once you have decided on your sub-niches, create an outline for each sub-niche keyword. If you are looking for ideas, run a search on Amazon Kindle and look for related books. Pay attention to the reviews of such books and see if there are unmet needs or unaddressed concerns. Address these with your outline. Take the time to write a solid outline because your planned book will only be as good as the outline it is based on.

Outsource your way to online publishing success

You don’t have to write your ebooks yourself. If you’re not a writer or if you don’t have the time to write, you can outsource to a freelance writer. The Internet is crawling with them. Seriously. These writers will almost certainly be happy to write as a “ghost” writer as well (you can put your/your companies name on the book) – they are also much cheaper than you would imagine!

To pick the very best writer, you need to ask for writing samples or an online portfolio. Also, you have to be prepared to spend a little extra instead of hiring only the cheapest writers you can find. Stick to native English speakers if you want your book to have a good chance of selling well. Today’s readers can be very unforgiving when it comes to bad sentence construction, grammar issues, or other indicators of low text quality.

Build a list using your books

Make sure to include a link to your mailing list sign up form in all your books. The great thing about your list is that most of its members will be proven buyers. Send announcement emails to your list members when you have a new book out.

As you publish more and more books, your list will get bigger and it will be easier to promote the newer books in your series. Eventually, you can reach a critical mass where you only need to send a notice to your list to get a huge amount of sales.

Interlink all your books to each other

Regardless of whether you’re selling your books through Amazon Kindle, your own websites or Clickbank/JVZoo or other digital content sales platforms, make sure you link your later books to your earlier books. This way, if your buyers like your products, they can easily buy earlier products.

The best part of making money through ebook publishing is that it is cumulative. The more you publish, the bigger your list gets and the more potential buyers you have for your newer books. Best of all, you can make money many times over from books you had written for you a long time ago. Get started on your online publishing empire TODAY!

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