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Chances are quite high that you’ve come across the title of this post at least once before. In fact, if you visit online marketing blogs and forums, you probably have come across something similar to this post’s title several times in the past. This should not be a surprise. After all, there are countless people on the Internet all trying to figure out how to build wealth online.

Sadly, most people who try to become wealthy online will end up failing miserably. They end up crashing and burning regardless of how much time, effort, and money they put into their online ventures. Why? They didn’t pick a formula that is systematic and methodical.

The reality is that online business has a lot in common with offline or brick and mortar businesses. In the business world, it is those who are systematic and methodical who win out. Doing things based purely on ‘passion’ or inspiration isn’t going to cut it. Working at your online ventures by the seat of your pants is a sure recipe for disaster for most online entrepreneurs.
While a few people do get to become successful by simply being at the right place at the right time, you can’t just cross your fingers and hope to get lucky. That’s now things work for most of us mortals. If you want to succeed, you can’t bank on getting lucky. Instead, you have to put in the work-systematic and methodical work.

What is the winning formula for online money making success?

Affiliate marketing done systematically and methodically.

Seems simple, right? It isn’t. Your focus should be on the systematic and methodical part. Before I break down how you can do affiliate marketing like a rockstar, let me first get some basic information out of the way to get everyone reading this up to speed.

What is affiliate marketing?

There are many product producers and service providers who want to tap the power of the Internet to sell whatever they are offering. The problem is they may not know the first thing about online marketing or their marketing skills are very weak.
These producers and providers then join an affiliate marketing platform which recruits marketers to promote the producers and providers’ offerings. If the affiliates make a sale, they get to keep a percentage of the sale. This is their affiliate commission.

Alternatively, many merchants and service providers are simply looking for certain contact information they can use to contact and, later on, convert prospects. They will pay you for every prospect contact or lead you collect. This can take the form of an email or even a zip code collected. This is a pay per lead affiliate offer.

At the other end of the affiliate marketing equation, all the affiliate needs to do is drive traffic.

Regardless of the form, an affiliate marketing arrangement aims to produce a WIN/WIN situation. The service provider or merchant wins because they get a sale or lead they couldn’t otherwise get using their own marketing efforts. You win because you convert your traffic into cold hard cash.

Why is affiliate marketing the winning formula for online money making success?

With the basics of affiliate marketing out of the way, why is this way of making money online the ‘winning formula’ for online income generation? Well, it solves problems other online income methods can’t solve.
First, unlike making money through software as a service (SAAS) model, affiliate marketing has much lower entry costs. In fact, if you are going to write all your sites’ content yourself, your costs can come very close to zero. Indeed, if you use free hosted blogs like, Blogger.Com, or even Tumblr, you can vaporize your costs completely.

Compare this with building your own online store and selling your own stuff or selling software services on a subscription model. The start-up costs for those business models can get real heavy real quickly. Affiliate marketing has very low entry costs. It doesn’t take much to enter the affiliate marketing industry.

The second key reason why affiliate marketing makes for an ideal way to make money online is the fact that it is completely passive. You can work on your affiliate site for some time and stop and still continue to make money off that site for a long long time to come. For example, you can set up a website and do SEO and contribute content for a few months. After you laid down that ground work, you can step back and do other sites. The traffic your site generates continue to roll in long after you stopped your promotional work.

Best of all, you don’t have to process orders or do any actual order handling for you to make money off your affiliate site. Your traffic only needs to click your affiliate links and an affiliate program handles the rest. Your earnings are credited automatically to your affiliate account. Once the payout period cutoff date comes around, these funds are deposited to your bank account. No active involvement on your part is needed to get this smooth payment going.

Affiliate marketing is scalable. You can build a small site that gets a small trickle of traffic that generates a small income. Nothing’s preventing you from building tons of such small sites across other niches. All these small income streams can produce a huge river of income if you scale up enough.

So what is the Affiliate marketing success formula?

Build a system based on the three cornerstones of effective affiliate marketing: a content channel, a communication channel, and an influence channel.

Get a content channel by building a niche content site or blog. This is where your content converts traffic into cash or list members by getting them excited about the stuff you are promoting. Also, your content can pull traffic from search engines.

Set up a mailing list to act as a solid communication channel that turns temporary traffic visiting your blog or site into permanent traffic. If you have new content on your blog or site, you only need to send an update to your mailing list to get a nice surge in traffic.

Establish a social media presence. By creating accounts on all the major social media platforms, you can spread your content’s influence. The more influential people in your niche hear about your content channel, the more links your site will attract. This can lead to more search engine traffic. Regardless, the more visible your brand is on social media sites, the more direct traffic you’ll get because influence leaders’ sharing of your content can lead to some of their followers visiting your site.

The key is a SYSTEMATIC approach

Make sure you treat all these three cornerstone components as both separate and united systems. Their operations interact with each other to boost overall results. This is where you also need to get METHODICAL.

First, you need to publish the right content. This must be niche-specific content that has a proven level of demand. The most methodical approach to boost your content system’s traffic generation and conversion effectiveness is to simply reverse engineer your top competitors. There’s a reason why they publish the content they choose-such topics are in high demand.

Resist the urge to reinvent the wheel. Simply focus on the same topics your competition are featuring but make them your own. Offer a unique take. Focus on controversy. Whatever you do, approaching content generation and publishing using this methodical approach, you create content that people want to read while making your brand stand out from your competition. The more you stand out, the more likely other sites would link to you. This boosts your traffic both immediately and over the long haul thanks to these inbound links’ SEO benefits.

Second, you need to build a mailing list that works. It’s not enough to get a list going. You have to actually offer value with your list. Send updates list members can truly benefit from like discount coupons or free reports or email-based tutorials. The more value your list brings to the table, the more credible your brand becomes. The more credible your brand, the higher the likelihood your list members will buy whatever it is you’re promoting.

Finally, establish a brand-based social media campaign. As your content and mailing list updates work to boost your credibility, these will build up your brand’s power. Since your social media outreach is based around your brand, this creates an upward cycle. The more trust your social media outreach builds through quality content, the more list members you get. The more list members you get, the more people you can brand with your quality niche content. The more list members get branded, the more they share your social media content. So on and so forth. Your site’s reach can grow rapidly on a purely organic level. You get all this without spending an arm and a leg.

By using the system-based formula above, built on the solid bedrock of quality niche content, you can build a solid affiliate marketing income that can continue to increase over a long period of time. Build your affiliate marketing empire on the solid bedrock of quality end user experience and you will have a bright future ahead of you.

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