The Flat Abs Diet – Get Abs Fast With The Flat Abs Diet

flat abs dietThe Flat Abs Diet – Get Abs Fast With The Flat Abs Diet 

Looking to get flat abs in a hurry? If so, you need to be tending to both your workout plan as well as your diet.  Many people make the mistake of thinking that results will come if they simply hit the gym on a regular basis. This, however, isn’t the case.  While there’s no question that gym effort will pay off, nothing is going to bring you flat abs faster than a smart meal plan.

Your total daily calorie intake will dictate the speed in which body fat is burned and in order to get flat abs successfully, you need to get leaner. At the end of the day, this is what determines whether you see results.

So this said, how do you set up a flat abs diet plan?  What should – and shouldn’t – you be eating?

Let’s give you the details so that you can get started immediately.

Focus On Protein 

The first step in forming a flat abs diet is to build the foundation of your plan out of lean protein sources.  Lean protein is going to help you maintain a higher metabolic rate, help you prevent lean muscle mass loss, and help with the rebuilding and repair of muscle tissue after each intense workout you do.

Your protein needs during a fat loss period will go up, not down like some people mistakenly assume. Someone on a lower calorie diet needs more protein than someone on a moderate calorie plan.

As you add this protein to your diet, choose high quality lean sources.  This includes chicken, grass fed beef, wild caught salmon, white fish and seafood, along with whole eggs and egg whites.

Adding some whey protein powder for around the workout period or when you need a quality source of protein on the go is also a wise move.

Stagger Smart Carbohydrate Sources 

The second step to building your very own flat abs diet is to know how to utilize carbohydrates to your benefit.  Used wrongly, carbohydrates can quickly pack on the pounds. Used wisely however, and the opposite is true.

Your body needs carbohydrates in order to perform those intense workout sessions, so cutting them back would be a very back move.  At the same time, very low carbohydrate diets tend to cause your metabolic rate to crash, making fat loss slow to a halt.

Not to mention the fact they make most people feel miserable. 

But, eat too many and fat loss won’t happen either.  The best way to manage carbohydrates in a flat abs diet is to have higher carbohydrate days on your workout days and then lower carbohydrate days on your off/recovery days. Since you aren’t as active on these days and your body doesn’t have as high of a demand, this means you’ll be able to do without, putting the focus on fat burning during those days.

And, when picking the sources of the carbohydrates you consume, you want to choose the most natural sources possible. This means foods such as brown rice, quinoa, oats, barley, and sweet potatoes for your complex carbohydrate sources.

On both days, you should be eating as many vegetables as possible. These are so nutrient dense and low in calories, they’re perfect for any fat loss program.

Finally, eat fruit in moderation. One or two pieces per day should be fine, but don’t go over this.  Fruit does contain natural fruit sugar and while better than sugar from say a slice of cake, it will add up.

Speaking of cake, stay away from all processed carbohydrates such as cake, cookies, bread, pastries, pasta, and so forth.

Factor In Facts 

Finally, the last step in putting together a flat abs diet is to factor in fats. The right fats will combat hunger, provide energy, and keep your hormones in check.

The wrong fats however will put your health in jeopardy and may cause you to rapidly begin gaining weight.

Moderation and the proper selection is key here. Fats are very calorie dense at 9 calories per gram compared to the four calories in both carbs and protein, so keeping serving sizes lower is important.

Apart from that, select healthy choices such as nuts and nut butter, seeds, olive oil, avocado, flaxseed oil, coconut oil, fatty varieties of fish, and grass fed meat.  These will provide all the fats you need for optimal health and fat loss.

So there you have the key steps to put into place to design your own flat abs diet plan.  Be smart with your approach, be consistent on your meal plan, and you’ll soon be staring back at your very own set of firm, toned abs.

Article By Shannon Clark.

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