FIGHT BACK – A Powerful, Intense Motivational Speech for those aspiring to reach greatness. Not for the faint hearted. Champion attitudes only welcomed to listen to this one!

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Lyrics Copyright: Fearless Motivation & Chris Ross
Speaker: Chris Ross

Lyrics – FIGHT BACK – Best Sporting Motivational Speech | Fearless Motivation

I know some of you are tired of being victims. Tired of being told that you can’t achieve your dreams. You “won’t achieve your goals” That the things in life, you want to do, you can’t do. That the things you want in life are unreachable…

I know you are tired of hearing that. That is why i am talking to you today.

Because TODAY I want you to FIGHT BACK
FIGHT BACK for what you believe in.
FIGHT BACK for what you want to achieve.
FIGHT for your dreams.
FIGHT for your goals.

Sometimes you’re not just fighting for yourself Sometimes you’re fighting for your friends Sometimes you’re fighting for your FAMILY! MAKE CERTAIN YOU FIGHT BACK!

Yes I know! They told you! You “can’t do this”. You “might as well give up”. You will “never achieve what you set out to achieve”…
 That’s the thing about greatness… About being a champion No one expected you to make it, but YOU GO OUT AND DO IT ANYWAY.

Prove them wrong.


Greatness is not just about the money. It’s about the achievements. It’s about doing something that others doubted. It’s about listening to the doubters, then making them eat their own words.

I guarantee, you can do it. If you put 100% in… TODAY IS THE DAY YOU DO IT!. TODAY is the day you succeed! TODAY is the day you prevail!

TODAY is the day you walk over your enemies! And you reach that moment in your life… Where you become that person… That others can look to
 and say: He went through it. She went through it… AND I CAN DO IT!

We feed off of each other… and we look up to someone that’s great like their special… but they’re just like you! You’ve got that greatness inside of you! So, get that greatness, that’s been in you all along… get it to come out.

and the only way to do it, is to take one step.
You TAKE ONE STEP towards your goal
YOU TAKE ONE STEP toward your dream
TAKE ONE STEP in the forward direction!

MAKE SURE, EVERYTHING you do you are trying to reach greatness. You are trying to succeed. You are putting your BEST EFFORT FORWARD.

EVERY DAY! Not just today… But EVERY DAY. FIGHT BACK Every day. Today, and every other day.

I tell you, nothing beats character and nothing beats hard work.
Not today, not any other day.

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fight back best sporting motivational speech

4 Responses

  1. Johan Rademeyer

    Awesome video to listen to. Gets you fired up before a game. As a sportsman I really relate to this video especially when you face a big team and are up against the odds and people write you off before the game has even started. Sometimes you gotta fight back.
    Johan Rademeyer

  2. Kai Wen Yeoh

    This track will always be my favorite along side with “Maybe”. Fearless Motivation has brought me through thick and thin, especially the hard and tough times. I would have never be where i am today without Team Fearless.


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