The Great Secret – Law Of Attraction Music – Inspirational Speech

the great secret law of attraction
The Great Secret – Law Of Attraction Music – Inspirational Speech by Fearless Soul

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Lyrics & Music Copyright: Fearless Motivation & Fearless Soul
Speaker: Roger Shilladay exclusively for Fearless Soul


Lyrics – The Great Secret – Law Of Attraction Music – Inspirational Speech

When you’re young, 
before the world swallows you up with the day to day grind,
 you have that belief,
 that real knowing, that you can do anything,
 that there are no limitations.
When they ask you what you what to be when you grow up, 
you say something to them that may seem crazy or unrealistic.

Then, you do grow up, and the world teaches you to play it safe.
The world teaches you, that you are limited
Perhaps you should go to university and take that 50k a year job
Perhaps it’s best if you follow the lead of all the others before you: 
Struggling to pay the bills, 
living with that hole in your soul, 
knowing you didn’t take a risk on what you really wanted in life.

When you begin to learn the great secret, you will soon know that there are no limits.
It’s unlimited what the universe can bring
, when you understand the great secret, 
that thoughts become things.

If you believe that, you can achieve that. 

When you desire it so badly, 
when you feel your soul pull toward it
, when you are willing to do whatever it takes to bring it to life.: it must come to life. 
It’s a universal law.

Thoughts become things,
 but when we say thoughts what we really mean is 
beliefs become things.
 Feelings become things.
Every great human of the past knew this great truth
. You know it in your heart too. It may be clouded by the limited beliefs projected on you over the years, but you do know this to be true, you can feel it in your heart when you think about your dream life.

Plant your seeds, then trust they will grow, have faith they will blossom.
You are connected to the universe. 
We are all connected. 
We are all one.
There is nothing, no event, no thing in this universe that isn’t connected in some way.

The world is a canvas for your imagination
, you are the artist
, there are no rules!
 Get to work!

If you can imagine it in your mind, YOU CAN experience it in your reality


Don’t forget, you will always attract what you BELIVE you DESERVE

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you are unworthy of abundance
We are all worthy of abundance in all it’s forms
And when we have more, we can give more.

Every day, every moment is a new opportunity to turn your life around, 
to create some MIRACLES.
Look around you, there are miracles all around
. Miracle creations, created by humans, created by the universe.

Be grateful for what you have

. There is nothing you can not have. 
There are no limitations.

I’m sorry you were brought up in a world where they told you to play it safe
, where you were told there are limits to what you can achieve, that you need this and that before you can take this little thing,
Well i am here today to tell you to throw that in the garbage. 

Read about any great human from the past, 
they all knew the great secret
: Thoughts become things, 
Beliefs become things

Trust me when i say 
you are capable of anything imaginable!


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