This morning I had a very clear reminder that life can change in an instant. A reminder of why we shouldn’t take anything for granted, and why we should treasure everything that is great in our lives.

I am grateful for that reminder.

I was on my way home, very early in the morning (530am, after my gym session), still pitch black darkness outside. I had planned to stop for petrol, but I was lost in my own head, thinking about all the things I needed to do today… because of this I took the turn towards home, rather than going straight toward the petrol station. I wasn’t living in the present moment, I was living in my head, like most of us do, all day, every day.
Just around the turn I hit something.
Something that felt very large under my car. It rolled under my car, front and back wheels, raising the car up, and clattered underneath like metal bars. I looked in my rear view mirror quickly as I was pulling over, but all I could see was a man, a runner, who was running quickly to the middle of the road where the impact had occurred.

My heart sank so low. The first thought that entered my mind was that I’d hit a small child riding their bike. (Obviously not many children ride their bike at 530am, but you tend not to think rationally when something like this happens)

I pulled over quickly while repeating as many prayers as I could in those few seconds “Please God, no…”

The man picked up a metal frame, about the size of a large skateboard, that looked like it had fallen off a trailer…

“I don’t think it fell off your car” he said.

The relief that entered my body in that moment was something I can’t describe, the gratitude in seeing that my car hit a piece of metal, not a human or animal.

life can change in an instant

The clear message to me:

Life can change in an instant.

A clear message to be present, because when you’re lost in you’re head, you’re dead. When your lost in you’re head thinking about everything you must get done LATER, you’re not LIVING right now.

A clear message to take nothing for granted today, or any other day.

To be deeply grateful for everything in my life. Grateful that everything is NORMAL. What a concept. Just to be grateful that my kids are ALIVE. That my family is healthy. That there are no major issues. That we are blessed to live in the greatest country on planet earth.
Grateful that I am even aware of just how blessed my life is.

After reading just about every self development book on earth over the past 15-20 years, I know most people wouldn’t have taken any lessons from that experience.
Most people would have complained that someone left an object on the road that could have killed them, or caused damage to their car. Some people would have thought about suing right away. Or thoughts like “why do these things always happen to me”.
Thanks to these books, I understand that life is all about the MEANING you give to each situation.

I choose to take from this a positive lesson. A lesson to live more in the present moment. To never take anything or anyone for granted. To be more grateful than ever for my “normal life”. To make the most of this day, knowing it only takes one moment for everything to change, for the better or worse.

Some people might be thinking, what’s the big deal, nothing happened.

Do we really have to wait for something to happen, before we can appreciate what we have?

Do we have to wait until something goes wrong, before we notice what is right?

Do we have to wait until we lose someone before we appreciate them?

Do we have to wait, until it’s too late, to start living?

I hope this has helped someone think differently today.

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