If you are passionate about self improvement, motivation & achieving success, we want to hear from you!

Current Positions Available:

Motivational Speakers & Voice Over Artists
We are ALWAYS happy to listen to new voice talent, and especially motivational speakers to feature in our next Motivational Music Track. If you think you could provide a PASSIONATE, POWERFUL and MOVING voice over delivery Contact us for details!

Singers & Rappers
We will never turn down anyone with a talent for singing or rapping, but more importantly, someone with HEART, with a STORY TO TELL. If you have a talent & believe you could fit into our motivational music theme, regardless of your style, Contact us. You can be male, female, any genre, any nationality or colour, we don’t care – we only want to hear your voice, your talent and together let’s make some POWERFUL music!

Writers – Motivational & Inspirational Bloggers | Fitness & Bodybuilding Writers | Health & Lifestyle Blogging | Entrepreneur & Success Writers
We want writers! Many genres as above, if you have a talent for writing, want more work, or more exposure for your work, checkout our new writing requirements here

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