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      • Kim

        We kick ass harder,we attack a little stronger,we don’t take shi……ugar,from anyone!! We are like nobody’s getting out of here alive ELECTRIC!!!

      • Wille

        Perhaps a motivational speech for musicians? Could help me alot!

        Another question..
        Am i allowed to use any of your motivational wallpapers? Such as the one with the guy rolling a huge boulder on the hill. It would be a perfect cover for my single that i am planing to release soon. Its a great picture that says alot.

        Best regards.

      • mm
        Fearless Motivation

        What specifically, as a musician, do you need motivation for?
        Almost all our speeches can be applied to any occupation.

        Regarding the wallpapers, you will have to email us for details on usage

      • Matthew

        What app/program do you use to create your photo messages or memes? They’re beautiful. Thanks!

      • Karen

        Hello! Your Spotify playlists are really empowering! Are you taking any Spotify song submissions? 🙂 Thanks!

      • Dewansh Shekhar

        Motivation Never Comes from outside the biggest source of Motivation is reminding yourself why you started,And why you should not lose hope , life hits everyone and its natural to start losing hope but at that point of time just push yourself a bit not to do anything but to stop thinking once you stopped thinking just get back to work because the more you think , your confidence level will go down . Hello #Teamfearless Saw your post of hiring on youtube and I have always been thankful of you guys as your quotes reminds me of everything and helps me push myself . I am an Animator and video editor and also have knowledge about graphic designing . Just send me a mail if I could ever do anything for Teamfearless . Love you guys

    • Adam Paterno

      courses that are orientated towards professional development and life coaching; a focus on spiritual development would be an asset. More consistent flow of articles under existing categories. Articles on the importance of supporting charities by volunteering your time and how that positively impacts your personal and professional development. Supporting charities like United Way, the Big Brothers and Sisters, Salvation Army.

    • Sri balaji

      Motivational videos ..speeches for insurAnce..professionals.. in recruiting the right person.into our team…or getting the right closing
      Tips on closing the sale…
      It would be of high our Agent fraternity

    • Amanya Martin

      I love fearless motivation and i started a company, in which part of the services is writing and motivational speaking to Children, Teens, Youths, Adults and Parents and i believe am gonna change the world with you through changing the thought processes of the people in our audiences

      Christian or biblical principles integrated in the inspirations as some

    • Sven

      So many Great Quotes and Ideas…
      Simple question: why dont you offer wallpapers in hq to buy? I am Looking for Great quotes and pictures for my homegym and desperately Can Not find real good ones…. Therefore I would be your First Customer

      Curious about your Feedback


    • Sakshi

      I just want that I am capable of everything but it’s really hard to always be motivated. So how about always remain motivated.
      How to set goals or to maintain it like with some examples it would clear to me.

      • Carol

        Thank You so much for the time, effort, and commitment. You have changed my life. I have had a long road of struggle and I am tired of it, I have made the choice TODAY to start doing better, being better, becoming better not only for myself but for my younger twin siblings, for my partner, for family and for those who have been through to many struggles. I want to work harder than I have ever before. I will be the WARRIOR of my life to fight against everyone that continuously bring me down after I do so much, work hard, and bring home achievements that are not good enough. I am the owner of my own destiny. I wish I could meet the team behind Fearless Motivation to let you know that you are my Heroes, my mentor and I will work hard to become a fearless leader just like you. I will do my best and work towards trying to join this team that has so much potential just like me. I will bring my Game so Fearless Motivation I hope you are ready to be impressed.

  1. kiflu Weldegiorgis Assefa

    Dear All Members and Contributors of fearless

    I really appreciate and like your way of motivating people,and please keep it up !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mark Jacobs

    Motivational songs/speeches for young kids too help them get through the troubles of growing up/bullying issues, etc

    • Jeff Garris

      I think that that is a fantastic idea! That is definitely something close to my heart as I could have used something like Fearless Motivation to help me through those tough middle school and high school years.

  3. Johan Rademeyer

    First of all I would like to thank you guys for everything you do. I heard this awesome quote a while back maybe you can do something with it. “Our lives moves in the direction of our strongest thoughts”.
    And I read a book Rhinoceros Succsess by Scott Alexander maybe that can help you do something.
    Otherwise keep up the awesome work

  4. Tulsa

    First of all I Love what you guys are doing! The scoring music behind speeches are EPIC I’d like more gym motivation speeches. Would be great to get Eric Thomas and if possible some elite athletes & coaches on your guys work. Thanks Team Fearless

  5. Ramiz

    Instead of using pictures in your videos, you should use real time videos of the motivational coach, or of athletes or of other great people because it will inspire people more. I think if along with listening to the motivational talk, people also also watch videos of great athletes or the charisma of motivational coach, it will have double effect.
    You should also make a community here ( not on Facebook or Twitter ), so that a person could share his experience and learn from others because that’s how we can improve
    Similarly if there is also an online webinar of all the members once in a while in which they can talk about their experiences, it will also help a lot.

    • mm
      Fearless Motivation

      Thanks Ramiz.
      Very much working on the visual content for the future, and love your suggestion about the community. Both things will happen in the future.
      If you want to grab a prize, email us 🙂

    • Amal

      i love the idea of making a community to share our stories and our inspiration
      good one Ramiz

  6. Kim Lincoln

    Greetings~I would love a review or video review for my self-transformation book, “Holy Here Wholy You, Discovering Your Authentic Self.” 196 pages pages packed with energetic exercises, and new points of view, revealing the relationship of the mind, body and soul.

  7. Aaron

    Bruce lee…. “no matter what you do in life, if you dont know yourself, you’re never going to be able to appreciate anything in life” – Artist of life

  8. Strubbe Michael

    I find this a fantastic site! I hope you can combine this site with the other real media such as TVstation or normal radio station to reach more people on the common way. It is a pity that does not exist.

  9. Ayush

    Something that reflects that success is just a quarter inch ahead so one must not leave the course. Like Zig Ziglar’s handpump example and Tony Robbins’ 2mm example.

  10. Ed

    My Friends, first I want to give my congrats on such great videos, they have help me thru many situations in my life. Being a person who has given 100% to my personal goal, sometimes I find myself searching for a motivation for the slump moments, when you feel in a plateau and not sure how to push past it. How to break free of where you are when you are already giving 100% of you (or you feel like it); how do you go for more when you are already thinking and believe in your Goals, you know your Why, and you are working as hard as you can, but the results are not there – YET!
    Thanks for your great work!

  11. Nazanin

    Thank you Team Fearless for all your hard work in empowering every single person to realize their full potential in life.
    I listen to your recordings, and my kids listen with me. It definitely has created a change in the kids as well. They are more motivated to do well and make their goals a reality. If you can create daily inspiration.
    24 for your 24. 24 seconds of motivation for the 24 hours we are given for the day.
    goal being to give daily empowerment. It will motivate people for their day.
    G-d bless you for all your efforts. Thank you.

  12. Nisarg

    Never give up on your thoughts and goals.
    You must be strong enough to follow it

  13. Derrick

    What a motivational speech on Marine Fire Teams and the need to work together.

  14. Subhanshu Thapa

    Thank You for providing motivational videos with subtitles. This really helps us to improve our communication skills.
    Every Error in programming while working on my project reminds me of your speeches. Instead of listening songs while coding, I play Fearless motivation speech in the background.

    P.s. Please try to post speeches daily or twice in a week.
    Thank You!

  15. Nikunj makwana

    First of all I would like to heartily thank you guys for motivating by everything you do.I would like to share with you some topic,
    1.” Most people depend upon others, because they don’t Know about his strength more than others “.
    2.” Take a risk and Get a best”.
    3.” Go out of your comfort zone otherwise, comfort zone will keep you in the average zone”.
    4.”‘if you wait around for God to do something … who knows God is probably waiting for us to do something”..

  16. Kevin

    For any aspect of your life…Personal Development motivational video/speech on creating/finding/taking the steps to build Clarity, Courage & Confidence to do whatever it is that you want/desire to do with your life.

  17. Ali

    An app that contains all of the speeches for streaming (maybe even download, paid for by watching ads for a certain amount of time or doing offers or even just paying?)
    The app could just be a collection of YouTube videos filtered nicely, for easier access on mobile devices 🙂

    • Ali

      Also donating to food charities, because food is central to every thing in life and that could give people motivation knowing that supporting team fearless is supporting people’s lives

  18. Adley

    Speaches for fighters and martial artists,
    The blue collar worker,
    The guy who struggles daily
    Although one for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu martial artists would be awesome


  19. Mukesh

    I’m listening your all video in morning walking time and it’s give me energy and good motivation for life. Thanks all of you. Fearless team.

  20. Todd Bourgeois

    I found fearless motivation around the tail end of an ugly 4 year divorce. The blend of content helped propel me to a place in my life where I have more drive and more confidence and more self worth and respect than I ever have in my life. I would have been happy with just that alone, but a few months ago a close family member ended up in the hospital and was facing a certain fate if lifestyle changes weren’t made. Just through conversations I found myself saying a lot of the things I heard on these tracks. Long story short, doctors are amazed at the turnaround in health, but mostly in attitude and mindset. How can I comment and say thank you for saving not one life, but two? Keep doing what you’re doing. You never know the impact you have on a life and a life is more valuable than anything.

    • mm
      Fearless Motivation

      Thanks for your message Todd, it mean a lot to us we could have such an impact, and is exactly why we do what we do. At the same time, you should give the majority of the credit to yourself. YOU are the one that decided you wanted to improve your life. YOU were the one to seek the material and to put in the work. So thank you, for doing it for yourself and passing it on to others. Oh, and if you want some Fearless apparel – send us an email! All the best my friend.

  21. Lungu Cristina Florentina

    Firstly, I am very grateful for your entire work. I suggest you to create videos which includes different contrasting images or videos from movies, workouts, great leaders, successful people , wild life etc. Every powerful word should be associated with a powerful image, the tone of the voice must rise , with modulations, direct friendly address ( ex: my friend) , you have to speak soul so soul , mind to mind, body to body, that is why I think some impulses as : look in the mirror right now…,write down…, lift your forehead , rise your arms like a champion, write on your wall…., take a thing that shows you every day you are a fighter, create , buy etc Because many of us , on the road to success are alone, nobody tell them what to do, they must know that the suffering is fine and it deserve the sacrifice, remind them the finish, why they started. Les Brown, Tony Robinson, John Maxwell, Robin Sharma would be very nice to have on your videos. 🙂

  22. Tony

    5 minutes short motivational videos are greatly appreciated, amazing website, visit every dayThanks

  23. Nikunj makwana

    Thank you very much for motivating every struggling person to know their full competence in life.
    When I feel like don’t have a energy, don’t have a strength, feel like a give up , at the same time your motivational video really fires in my soul. So, all of you are doing best to be people strong because when people are stronger they make a world strong.

  24. Samsanthosh

    For gym motivation Arnold and for running Usain Bolt. You are already doing a great work . You can include yoga also in your list.

  25. Jeff Garris

    Fearless Motivation has been the most amazing discovery and addition to my life as of late. Thank you so much for what you do and why you do it.

    My favorite album of yours is “Hard Work Pays Off”. Sometimes it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel because that tunnel can be so damn long. It’s so easy to dream your dreams, but it can be difficult to actually believe that those dreams are attainable, to believe that someone of my current position or staus will ever reach the top.

    I think that many people out there could and would benefit greatly from relatable stories about how the speaker went from where they were (where the listener is now) to where they are now. Starting with the dream and walking through the decision to make it happen, the hard work and sacrifices that it took to break through to the next level after level, right on through to the success that they enjoy today. Not just the financial or material successes (though not unimportant), but the emotional and personal successes; the strength and confidence that they found in themselves that they weren’t quite sure was there.

    Thank you, again, Fearless Motivation, you’re changing lives and the world itself one person at a time.

    • mm
      Fearless Motivation

      Thanks Jeff, appreciate your suggestion and will absolutely do something along those lines in the near future.
      Shoot us an email if you’d like a free CD or something from our store!

  26. Max

    I heard “Life can Go from zero to one a real quick”!..But I experienced that saying ever since I started Listening #FearlessMotivation Audios.!You are already changing lives.But still..I wish if #FearlessMotivation would provide some Short Biographies of Those Motivational Speakers in The Channel.And also I would like to have an Audio on “Inspire Others” as you all Do !.
    That’s it..I hope you will continue your “#LEGACY”!!!

  27. Emmanuel Wetnhiak Ambrose

    All have been mentioned by members. am happy with Fearless Motivational ways . let continue and success. thank

  28. Judy Oxendine

    Many of the Fearless motivational speeches are geared toward motivating people not to give up… don’t quit!! What about more on the people who haven’t yet quit & still have not met the throes of success. How about some speeches geared to encourage & motivate those who fight 365 days a year and haven’t even entertained the thought of giving up. You need to gear more speeches in their favor & tips on what could make them become even more motivated & fearless in their quest for success!

    • mm
      Fearless Motivation

      Thanks for the suggestion Judy, however I feel you haven’t listened to enough of Fearless, because many of our speeches are geared toward this exact attitude you mentioned

  29. Bright Iyede

    I love everything about fearless motivation and I think most people do especially those I told about it. What I would love to see now is fearless motivation talking about how to recruit more, how to sell more, how to do more, adding value to what one is doing. This topics can be handled by Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, Rob Sperry, Alex Morton and others. Hope I’m not asking too much of you guys. You guys are doing great. Thank you for putting this together.

  30. Amal

    GR8 effort you are doing there!!! best team ever, i would like some videos withe people showing in them dynamic movement that matches the speeches, facial expressions and body language are always the best way to affect others, one more thing it would be great to add subtitles in languages so your work can get to all cultures, ages and communities..

    keep up the good work,,
    fearless motivation team, you are an inspiration!!
    thank you !!!! 🙂

  31. Bambang Theo

    My Favorite is the Lion Heart. If I may suggest would you please also create motivational for the disabled.

    Thank you very much and keep creating. Keep motivating. Make the world smiling.

  32. Mel

    Hi there, thankyou for this motivational videos.

    I am a volunteer fascilitator helping my colleagues in teaching BASIC LIFE SUPPORT FOR OUR COMMUNITY AND to our local govt units..

    Can you make a motivational video for those volunteer life saver, the importance why they are there to learn life saving techniques.

    Thankyou so much.

    Cant wait to have 1, i appreciate it so much to show it to our participants in the future.

  33. Dmitri

    There is a simple question: how many people have their own page in wiki? Over 7 billion people in the world. Which percent is leaving its own trace in a history? I don’t like Tuesdays. I have a reason. That’s why your motivational videos come on Tuesdays. They are really not bad indeed. And I’d like to thank you for it. But. Jordan, Oprah, Jobs. We have a few, right? We are always repeating the same names like a riff in Jazz. To work harder? To believe in yourself when nobody is not? I have a dream. A really big dream. I have a pile of problems also. It is a standard truism. I was reading almost the every book about success. State of mind. Psychology. But there is a secret. A something that is never lying on the surface. You know it? I have some hypothesis. And I have a strict belief that nobody achieves his success by his own. We always need a team, right? A real friend. A business partner. We would never have Usain without his coach. Maybe David Blaine is the only exception.

    • mm
      Fearless Motivation

      Thanks for your suggestions and feedback Dmitri. Yes, we do repeat several principles… on purpose. Repetition is the mother of skill as Tony Robbins says. Every great success coach will teach you that you must repeat consistently that which you need to learn, otherwise your human brain will not process it. You don’t get successful by reading one book, or listening to one audio, you get success by immersing yourself in it. We do have a “Surround yourself with winners” audio coming out soon that is similar to your thoughts, and will also put one out for coaches and mentors which is also very important. Thank you

      • Dmitri

        Thank you, Nick! It is so hard to maintain a self belief, to continue a struggle with yourself, when the other part of us is so strong. When you don’t have a someone who is able to inspire you. Daily. A real person. We have examples. But they are only at the pictures of our laptop screens. We know that these people could be our friends if we’ve had an opportunity to erase the distance, to erase the frames of time. Sometimes we think: “it’s impossible”. But where is located that reason for continue this war? Life is short. And we have to do something, right? Even by our own. You are doing a great work. I wish you to continue. {Nas – Hero ft. Keri Hilson is a good track.}

  34. Franklin

    Hey fearless”

    Your videos motivated me greatly i don’t even have word to describe how good they are and useful as i as student went trough it and the pain and suffer when i moved from the Netherland to the UK for me education after all the speeches and talks about me that i never would be able to go UNi but when i went to the UK 8 moths ago i changed my mindset and pass my exams i revised everyday with your motivation videos as help i did HIGHER for science i work my ass of and changed my mind and it work im and im soon doing A levels at my school and i would love you guys to make more videos about different topics in life included the fantastics cd and shirts you guys are selling can be moree so people can face there situation!!!! THANK YOU GUYSSSS.

  35. Christian Froehlich

    Love your speeches!
    What about the german customers?
    I suggest to translate it for you.

  36. Zach

    Share actual user success success stories via a podcast. Allow an individual to shar how they applied phrases, videos, music and comments to create a successful, happy and fulfilling life!

  37. June

    Hi, I am trying to purchase you mp3’s but it isn’t available in Barbados. I would really like to have it in my car and and the gym. I know I have youtube but it would cost hell of a lot to listen to them using my data. Any suggestions is welcomed.

    Thank you

  38. Parag

    First thank you team….the things i saw, i heard that’s just amazing…i just want to tell you that if give some more options in sharing like what’s app and instagram….it will be great….thank you.

  39. Ayush Rajput

    Hello Team Fearless,
    Being an admirer of your work I wanted to request you guys to cover a topic in your videos. One of the great writers Mr. Og Mandino had recorded his ‘The Greatest Salesman Of The World’ in which 10 great scrolls are presented. Hope you guys must be aware of this. Now, the problem that lies with this is that the narration is done by himself and he was quite old when he recorded, so the effect is not so profounding. What if your speakers like Walter Bond, Jones 2.0(my fav) and others recorded it their style. Link : ( ) . I used to listen to this before I came across your channel and got stuck to the channel because of the energy that your videos instilled in me. Just a request and suggestion from a regular admirer of your motivational videos. I hope you’ll consider this request.
    Ayush Rajput

  40. Will

    Fearless Motivation:
    I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for your time, effort and commitment to make your viewers do something good with there lives. Before I found out about you guys I was going through a really tough time in my life, I was 12, training for a sports scholarship, I was giving up when training got hard and I was struggling to find the motivation to get up and to go to the gym or go for a run and train, I was content with playing x-box and I wasn’t getting anything out of my life. Then I found you guys. I think the 1st video that I saw was the ‘Never Quit’ video which I could really relate to. I was listening to the quitter instead of the winner in me. From that day onwards I have made sure that I’ve listened to a motivational video every night and taken on board whats said in it. Thank you for changing my life. Thank you for making me get up and get outside to do some training. Thank you for getting me that scholarship.

  41. Sarah

    I believe that this vision is evidence of passion and purpose plus excellent work ethic. Your mission and methodology fear no competition. Your site is like an Oasis to the thirsty and hungry souls! One African proverb says that “whenever anyone wakes from his or her sleep that becomes his or her morning.” Your services are waking up so many people to face their morning. I remain thankful for the Fearless team services!

  42. Andy

    Hello Team Fearless, I have one question.
    Is there any way of contributing our speeches, stories, ideas, anything to you? I mean, that we could be be the part of your team?
    Also, thank you for your positive energy and power!
    Your “Warrior” got me the most!
    Sending many thanks your way!

  43. Alex

    Can you please sell merchandise with quotes from the sounds tracks such as “Never give up” or “The only disability is a bad attitude”?

  44. Moritz Schroeder

    hey guys!

    I dont wanna write too much or waste your time, I just made this video called “Get Inspired: The Best Motivational Speakers!” and thought this could be useful for you to use in your content!

    so feel free to use it if it helps you and I’d be happy to reach even more people 😉

    enjoy your day!

  45. Alan

    Hi, I absolutely love “Higher Consciousness”. I also make some very niche dance music. It’d be amazing if you could sell midi files of your work for buddy producers to use for remixes (with you retaining any sale rights).

  46. Magtibay

    Team Fearless can you make a motivational speech for people who are living with toxic parents mostly teens this speech will not only help me but others
    also Thank You Team Fearless for being an inspirational channel I watch your videos when I am alone in my room after having a bad day were my parents can’t be inspiring I turn to you also can you motivate me for my parent said a bad word at me for making a simple accident that made me feel down for weeks

  47. Hampus


    I would like to introduce myself as I’m a film composer and I’ve released a new track on Spotify. I have been listening to your playlists for a long time and I think it has a great mix of everything.

    What I now I wonder if you would like to check out my music and see if it might fit in your list as I know you have a playlist on Spotify called ‘Epic Cinematic Background Music.

    I have one song called ‘Genesis’ which I will link below, I think it could fit the list as it has a majestic and powerful epic quality to it.

    Hope to get in touch with you and hear what you think

    Kind regards,

  48. aftab

    Hii fearnessless Motivations,
    I have been following for 1/2 years, you gave me energy for my goals. Indirectly you showed me the right direction(it’s really true, believe me). Now I am running a website which is all about struggling life journey of big entrepreneurs and big personalities.

  49. Daniel


    I bought so many album in iTunes. For me, this is more than only a motivation music. First these are the best motivation videos, second I will learn English and third, your texting. It’s a wonderful way to learn to speak. Is there a website for your songtext?

    Thanks a lot!

  50. Dhammapada Mohapatra

    Need more of william hollis.
    Like ‘go hunt your dream’ and covering all aspect like self discipline and dream chasing and starting day in right way.



  52. Kika

    would love you to make a speech about kindness and connection between people cause i think its so important yet so many people choose to be ignorant and judging rather than showing kindness
    and also it is a good idea to make a speech where wolves are involved ( i love those strong wild animals!)

  53. Isonade

    As an Esports player, would you guys make a video for all of the gamers who wants to be a professional Esports player?
    Because, for those players who are trying hard, they are really need some motivations. Not only football players. Thanks ^^

  54. Isonade

    Can you make a motivational video for Esports Players?
    For those gamers that willing and hard working to be an Esports Player?
    Because we do really need that motivational words. So many competitors, giving so much efforts and time, just like football.
    Please. It will help us a lot.
    Thank you 😀

  55. Katsumoto

    You are doing great powerful works. Great job. Thanks a lot.
    Can you make some works about porn addiction. People struggle with this thing and it’s so hard overcoming.
    Your works may help many people.
    Thank you again.

  56. Amber

    I just finished viewing “7 Things You Do Each Morning That Can Sabotage Your Whole Day”, Advice seems pratical however, it seems it is easy to forget, not all people work bankers hours ie) Mon -Fri 8am-4pm or 9am-5pm. Some of us work shift work so someone else’s “morning” might be 8am-4pm , but “morning” for shift workers isn’t necessarily before 12pm noon. For some of us, “morning” might mean a 2pm-10pm. Time frames are irrelevant for shift workers.

    It mentions someting like “do these things and you will be more productive or get more accomplished before 10am, than others do all day”…., something like this. At 10am, shift workers could still be working and or just getting home from working a graveyard shift.

    Please consider this when providing the best intentioned for motivational advice. It doesn’t work for all of us because our “normal” working hours are unlike anyone else’s.

  57. kobra

    I’m the frontwoman of an internationally touring hard rock and metal band and i would like to submit myself because I care about people’s wellbeing! I would love to speak on one of your videos about caring for your body and wellbeing while living a transient and unconventional lifestyle =-).

  58. Terry

    Would I be able to hire you to write a speech for me for a youtube channel that I am trying to start? Would love to have one of your core shaking motivation/inspiration speeches for my trailer!


  59. Sam

    Good day!
    And first of all – thank you for being somewhere out there for me and for all of us!
    I have a proposal: I am Russian (but living internationally), a teacher, have a musical education and have been doing sports for years.
    Most of the Russian audience (especially the younger ones, athletes, entrepreneurs, and others who might need it) can’t understand the speech (some might understand partly – but not to the fullest. Besides, due to the cultural differences some information should be slightly localized).
    But it’s shame that people are missing out as well as you miss them out.
    What I want to do – is to localize your albums, translate the speeches and record it in Russian Language.
    I can either do it by myself or better yet manage a team who will do it in the perfect way. Besides my general qualifications I’ve been doing translations (EN-RU and RU-EN), my friends are musicians and I know all the people who are good members of the team. But even due to financial restrictions I can do it simply by myself (of course, it won’t be that perfect, but it won’t be bad either).
    I’m also open to discuss any other kinds of cooperation.

    Hope to hear from you soon!
    and once again


  60. Peter Dube

    I would like lyrics for flick on beast mode from recharge album please help

  61. Scott A Cummins

    A song written specifically for Shane Greene (the closer for the Detroit Tigers at the time)…works for every sport/workout… It’s on Spotify, called WE GOT THIS by 22 EARLY.. give it a 2 minute listen and you’ll understand why.

  62. Steve D

    Remaster every track that you’ve ever produced, only with a strong and confident female lead. This will draw a significantly larger female audience to your following. Coming from a Caucasian mid-30’s male, I feel most compelled by the tracks led by a strong and confident male African American. Why? Because thats what motivates me!

    Expand your audience to expand your following. And keep up the amazing work!

  63. Steve D

    Make an app. Help your followers access all of your content, directly and natively from their devices. And from every type of device. Including wearables. Fearless motivation should become more integrated into the lifestyles of people who choose to lead this life.

  64. D.M. Project

    hello, I can use a fragment of the voice of a video (without background music), I am a producer of hardstyle music, and I really like what he talks in (5 ways out of a rut)

  65. Evan

    I was wondering if you could create an official Discord Server to have a Fearless Motivation community, talking about stuff, cheering themselves up and giving advices and stuff ?
    Thanks have a good day !

  66. Saloni

    a way to connect with fellow people who are listening to the motivational speeches…in order to push each other at the right time when we are likely to let go of the habits started..

  67. Ivan Petrov

    Hello guys. My suggestion is to make more content aimed at poker players worldwide and not a bit at all. As a professional poker player, I see many elements suitable for the motivation of a player in your videos. To be a professional player requires incredible mental training. Imagine going to work for 3 months 5 days a week for 10 – 12 hours of work, and finally, in the 3rd month you have lost a large amount of money, How will you start next month ?? Although every pro player knows that poker is a long term game

    • jaydie

      The expectation of beautiful paradise is the killer of mindset you have to neutralize the beat of momentum

  68. Henry

    Hello my names Henry Im an older up and coming hip hop artist from LA.. I would like to know if I may use a 10 second clip for the Intro to one of my songs I call “The Struggle” its about growing up in poverty but staying focused on your goal. I would like to use a clip from this video STRUGGLE makes you STRONGER (Motivational Video) by Fearless Motivation Ft. William Hollis it was really inspiring. what would I need to do so I may have permission to use it for the intro to my song?

  69. Pirzada Zia

    Hello Guys, i am Pirzada Zia, I am big fan of fearless motivation. I want to suggest just like you have created category Motivational Speeches and Songs, I like you create an another cotegory of Motivational Ringtones for Mobile phones. Where you add 30 Seconds Speech and 30 Second songs too..

  70. Abigail

    Hello Fearless Motivation
    Your motivation is really motivating me into who I really am.
    I would really like to be a part of Fearless Motivation

  71. abdo

    hi! i have been listened to you motivation speeches for over 6 years now, and i`ve always felt them in my heart. im still looking for a meaning to my life. im writing a motivation speach of my life and i like to have a profecional help to make sure that my speech is good and to tell me what i need to fix. your loiyal fan abdo.

  72. Vasiliy MoroZOV

    good afternoon, sorry, my english is not the best. do you own the track “blessed”?

  73. Assis Filho

    Hello Guys. Quick info I’m addicted to listening to all of the motivational speeches from Fearless Motivation.
    My name is Assis Filho I’m from Brazil (Born and raised). I lived in the US, Massachusetts for a couple of years and developed my English skills not only in the US but also here in Brazil (I love English). As I went through the list of all the amazing motivational speeches I was working hard to try to make my friends from the Gym and work to pay close attention not only to the instrumental part but most importantly, the message every single speech has to provide. I want to check if you guys have ever considered having those speeches translated into other languages. I would like to know if I can translate those speeches into Portuguese so everyone here in Brazil can take advantage of the motivation you guys were able to provide not only in my life but in the lives of many. My voice is pretty good … I used to be a lead singer in a band here in Brazil, and I would love it if I could be part of this initiative.


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