Born Ready (Motivational Speeches Album)

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Track list: BORN READY Motivational Speeches:

1. Born Ready (Intro)
2. Anything Is Possible (Motivational Speech)
3. Lone Wolf (Motivational Speech)
4. Nothing Will Change Unless You Change (Motivational Speech V2)
5. Success Requires Effort (Motivational Speech)
6. Mental Toughness Reloaded V2.0
7. Struggle Makes You Stronger (Motivational Speech V2)
8. Warrior (Motivational Speech) Ft. Jones 2.0
9. The Lion Attitude (Motivational Speech)
10. Not Like the Rest (Motivational Speech)
11. Time for Greatness (Motivational Speech)
12. No Regrets, Never Too Late (Motivational Speech)
13. Leave the Past Behind (Motivational Speech)
14. Hard Work Beats Talent (Motivational Speech)
15. Best Version Of Yourself (Motivational Speech)
16. No Plan B
17. Courage V Fear (Motivational Speech)
18. Blessed Cause I Got Fight (Motivational Speech V2)
19. Live Your Dreams (Motivational Speech)
20. Make That Choice (Motivational Speech)
21. Battles (Motivational Speech)
22. Habits Make Or Break You
23. Keep Climbing (Motivational Speech) Ft. William Hollis
24. Biggest Fish in the Pond (Motivational Speech) 
25. Keep Going Keep Growing
26. Stick It Out So You Can Say I Made It (Motivational Speech V2)
27. I Am a Machine (Motivational Speech V2.0)
28. Life Is A Gift (Motivational Speech)
29. Be Grateful Never Settle (Motivational Speech)
30. Mental Toughness Ft. Peter Azaare