Youtube Free Usage – Music & Motivational Speeches For Your Videos

So, you would like to use our motivational speeches, or epic background music for your Youtube video?
No problem!
All of our music, including motivational speeches and epic background music is free to use in your Youtube video, with full credit given to us, the creator of the motivational speech/music.

However, all music and speeches by Fearless Motivation are in the Youtube content ID system, which means the track used may be monetized by our publisher.
This IS NOT a copyright strike, it simply means: You have full use of the track in question, but our publisher may monetize the video, or part of it, as the copyright holder of the lyrics/music used.
This has no effect on your channel at all. Read more about Youtube Copyright and Content ID here.

If the track you use is picked up by our publisher, you will simply see a notice like this:

youtube music free content idNotice the wording used:
“The claimant IS allowing their content to be used in your YouTube video. However, ads might appear on it.”
“Viewing Restrictions = NONE”
Essentially this means, you are free to use all of our tracks, no restrictions, and no effect on your channel – but the videos will most likely be monetized by our publisher.

Want To Monetize Your Video?

We now offer licences so you can monetize your video using Fearless Motivation Music & Speeches. You simply need to pay a small fee. Click here for details

Commercial Use?

Contact us for all commercial usage enquiries.

General Terms Of Use:

1. Give Credit.
It’s just plain uncool to use someone else’s work and not give credit for it. If you can let your fans know where you got the track, that would be appreciated. Not just for our work, but any music or video you use from another source.
Credit example:

Music & Speech by Fearless Motivation
Download or Stream it on iTunes, Spotify or Google Play.

2. We only allow 1 track/speech per video.
Please do NOT create a compilation video with multiple Fearless Motivation tracks, we will have to take it down as it is in conflict with our publisher and relationship with music platforms like iTunes, Spotify and GooglePlay.
3. No commercial use in the form of re-selling.
4. No downloads are to be offered, under an circumstances
5. No uploads on Soundcloud or any major music platform. Accepted channels: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
6. You can NOT re-upload our original video, you must make your own original video using our audio (music/speech).
7. You can not use our thumbnails / images contained within our videos on your published video, you must create your own original thumbnail/main image.
8. You can not illegally download our tracks directly from our YouTube channel, you must download the official tracks from a music platform.

A sample of our Motivational Speeches and Music on Youtube:

A Sample of our Epic & Cinematic Background Music on Youtube:

Some fan made videos, using our Music and Motivational Speeches: