A compilation of some new and old motivational speeches.

Motivational Speeches Compilation – Fearless MotivationVideo

Your Life Is A Gift. One With No Guarantees. Make The Most Of It Click to Tweet

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Motivational Speech 1:
Life Is A Gift – Motivational Speech – Album Page Here: Born Ready Motivational Speeches
Speakers: Chris Ross, Peter A Azaare

“Your LIFE is your GIFT!
A gift you get to share with the world
A gift you don’t get for long
A gift with no guarantees
Make the most of your gift!
Live fully NOW
LIVE YOUR GIFT. Your life. To the fullest.”

motivational speeches compilation
Habits – Make Or Break You – Album Page Here: Born Ready Motivational Speeches
Speaker: William Hollis

“We become what we do repeatedly. Our most consistent habits form our life experience like nothing else.”

Make The Choice – Motivational Speech – Album Page Here: Born Ready Motivational Speeches
Speaker: Ronald Braxton

“Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to make a choice.
This one singular moment will decide whether you bring your dreams to life,
or take your dreams to death.”

Keep Climbing – Motivational Speech – Album Page Here: Born Ready Motivational Speeches
Speaker: William Hollis

“No more making excuses why you’re at the bottom. You have to KEEP CLIMBING.”

Hard Work – Motivational Speech – Album Page Here: Fear Less, Dominate More (Gym & Sports Motivational Speeches)
Speaker: Josiah Ruff
Transcript & Track Info: Hard Work Motivational Video

“The harder i work the luckier i get!
The harder i work the richer i get!
The harder i work the GREATER my SUCCESS!”

motivational speeches compilation
My Struggle – Album Page Here: Hungry For Success
Speaker: Jones 2.0
Transcript to speech: My Struggle Motivational Speech

“I’ve been down as low as a human can go. You didn’t see my struggle? You didn’t see how low I sunk? You didn’t see the pain? The despair. The defeats. The failures. Well… I’m sorry…”

The harder I work, the luckier I get. The harder I work, The greater my SUCCESS Click to Tweet
No more EXCUSES why you're at the bottom, you gotta KEEP CLIMBING Click to Tweet

The time has come to MAKE A CHOICE. I choose GREATNESS! Click to Tweet

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  1. Sheila Renee Dunn

    I feel blessed to have come across these speeches..very motivative for me. Keep these coming .


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