Stick It Out So One Day You Can Say I Made It (Motivational Video)

Reaching ANY level of success is hard. It’s never an easy ride. It won’t happen overnight, but one thing is for sure: If you QUIT it will NEVER happen!
The tougher the challenge, the greater the satisfaction when you overcome it.
STICK IT OUT, so ONE DAY you can say I MADE IT!

Stick It Out So One Day You Can Say I Made It (Motivational Video) Ft. William Hollis

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Stick It Out So One Day You Can Say I Made It – Motivational Speech – Lyrics, Music, Speech: Copyright: Fearless Motivation
Speaker: William Hollis

Stick It Out So One Day You Can Say I Made It (Motivational Video) by Fearless Motivation – WATCH FREE:

Transcript – Stick It Out So One Day You Can Say I Made It (Motivational Video) | Fearless Motivation

I MADE IT. Through all the cold nights, when I wanted to give up, and end it all. I made it.

I made it through the storms. I made it, through all the doubters. I made it, through there HATERS, that looked at me, like I was trash.

See, you must be careful of what you look at. You must be careful in the things you see. Because those things might be some of the greatest things you ever experience. Because what you CHOOSE to see, will SHAPE who you WILL BE.

I know you had nights, when laid in your bed, and you didn’t even have a dollar. I know you had nights when you laid in your bed and felt worthless. Like there was no way you could make it.
I know you had nights when you wanted to GIVE UP. When you had to pretend like everything was good, but on the inside you were dying. That’s the most painful part of life. We have human beings that are dying inside because they do not know the GREATNESS that lies inside of them.

Don’t you let greatness lay down any longer! Don’t you let your greatness sleep! You must realize your potential.

YOU FIGHT to one day stand on the stage and say “I MADE IT”

No matter if you’ve sent your highlight tapes, off to different scouts, and they say: “Kid, you don’t have what it takes”. No matter if you’re that musician and you send your music off and they tell you: “It doesn’t have that hit”. Don’t you let that be the last time someone hears your GIFT, because all it takes is for ONE ear that VALUES what you bring to the table, to give you an opportunity.

You must be careful who you hang around with, because the STANDARD we set become the RESULTS we see.
The STANDARDS we set become the LIFE we LIVE.

You must realize your worth. Whatever happens: YOU STAY STRONG. You keep going!

Don’t you let disappointment stop you! Don’t you let failure stop you! Don’t you let your thoughts stop you!

Develop a PLAN. These are the steps you take. To say the words: I MADE IT! I MADE IT! I made it through the storm that looked like it would never stop!

Make sure you stick it out so one day you can say I made it! So you can say I’M PROUD ’cause I stuck it out! I’m PROUD ’cause I didn’t listen to the naysayers! To the DOUBTERS! Make sure you stick it out for YOURSELF! This is your LIFE! NOTHING is more important! Give it your all!

Don't you let your GREATNESS lie down any longer. WAKE UP! Click to Tweet
The standards we set become the LIFE we LIVE. Click to Tweet

This is YOUR LIFE, NOTHING is more important! Give it your ALL! Click to Tweet

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