Everything You Want Is On The Other Side Of Fear

Everything You Want Is On The Other Side Of Fear

Everything You Want Is On The Other Side Of FearLet’s start with the most famous person you know and love, yourself!

Maybe you’re a project coordinator who has been busting your ass at the office trying to earn a that vacant department manager position, a business owner who’s shut yourself away from the world in order to figure out how you’ll increase profits in the upcoming quarter, or a professional athlete trying to excel to your fullest potential in your sport. You have done the evaluations, the research, the strategizing and training madly for this moment. But, you fail to pitch the idea, to pick up the phone for a cold a call or to take control of the game in the closing seconds. It was never that you weren’t capable, it was because what you wanted wasn’t rewarding enough for you to overcome it’s obstacle. That obstacle was the fear of rejection.

The fear of rejection causes you to pause in your actions and make a decision, the decision you make to face the fear or avoid it will depend upon the reward.

Let’s say you are that project coordinator and you do everything the vacant position requires, but you fail to ask the boss to consider you for the position. Your fear of being told “no” will trigger conditioned emotions that ultimately tell you that you aren’t good enough, that confirmation of an identity you’ve already accepted will disrupt your entire world at the moment. So you leave it up for your boss to take upon himself to even consider you for the position, therefore risking the opportunity for someone else more hungry to request it for themselves.

How do people overcome this obstacle?

Seeking out an anti-fear specialist is a long-term solution. The short-term solution is seeking out a reward that’s beyond the surface level, surface level reward examples would be; getting the vacant position, gaining more clients, being the best player on your team.

Rewards beyond the surface level are:. Being in a position to use your talents that would make the company more innovative, helping increase the quality of life for your clients or brining a championship title back to your hometown. Your biggest reward must have the deepest meaning of pleasure to you, otherwise overcoming the obstacle isn’t worth it.

Most people don’t get their biggest reward and suffer their biggest losses, because they chose to be safe over being without the pleasure of temporary safety. When you decide to not face that fear of rejection, you chose to accept what comes with not having the reward. Financial struggle, mental clout, no recognition, failing in business and worst of all the opportunity for someone else to have it, ouch!

Here’s a fact:
You have a 99% chance of being rejected but that remaining 1% of approval will radically change your world. Click to Tweet

Your fear of being rejected can be reversed by putting its value to others, ahead of it’s value to yourself. Doing so, will lessen the possibility of rejections effect on you and increase your performance towards the goal.

No matter the profession or dream, remember that Everything You Want Is On The Other Side Of Fear.

The choice is yours.

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never let your fears decide your fate

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