Law of Attraction Secret – How to Use it To Get What You Want All The Time Every Time

law-of-attraction-how-to“I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative” – Michael Losier

Law of Attraction Secret:

Everything we are experiencing in our life today is a result of what we believed to be true yesterday. While it can be incredibly empowering to know and understand that we are, indeed, the true creators of our own destiny, it can also be terribly frightening for some people to accept this truth. After all, it takes a great deal of personal responsibility to accept that our world is not created by accident or fate but through the beliefs we carry in our subconscious, the emotions we constantly feel and the thought patterns we regularly engage in. But once we take this responsibility and decide to consciously use the law of attraction to manifest our desires, it becomes very easy and simple to turn all our dreams into reality. Here’s what all we need to understand about effectively using the law of attraction:

Clearly Defining What You Want

Create a clear mental picture of exactly what you want. For instance, if you want to attract your soul mate, then write down all the physical, mental and emotional traits you want your ideal partner to have. Visualize the kind of relationship you want to have with this person and see yourself doing the kind of things you would like to do with them. The same goes for anything else you want to have. It’s like how when you go to a coffee shop and ask the barista for a decaf sugar-free cappuccino with whipped cream, that is exactly what you receive. Here, you are placing an order with the Universe and just like the barista at the coffee shop; the Universe will also deliver exactly what you have asked for.

Faith and Surrender

Now, that you have placed your order with the barista, you aren’t going to hop into the kitchen to see whether your order is actually getting ready to be delivered to your table or not. You simply trust that you will receive what you have asked for once the order is ready. For manifesting your desires also, you have to trust that the Universe has received your order and all the forces of Nature are conspiring to bring your desires to fruition. Have faith that it is all happening and coming to you in Divine Timing!

Living As If and The Power of Emotions

In the meanwhile, begin living as if you have already received whatever it is that you have asked for. Like, if your desire is for a soul mate, then make space in your house for them to be living with you. Visualize things like waking up next to them, having dinner together, walking hand-in-hand, etc. Allow yourself to become happy and grateful for the fact that your dreams have already turned into reality because when you visualize with positive and happy emotions, you set to work all the forces of manifestation towards turning your desires into material reality.
Do not let doubts and fears weigh you down or question whether your dreams are really coming true or not. Trust that the law of attraction always works. It might take a little time, but you are always going to receive exactly what you have asked for. Have faith and let go!

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