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haters motivational speech
Haters is a Motivation Speech & Music track, produced to inspire and to push you through any massive gym session or get you crazy-pumped before your next big game.

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Script Written by: Nick Macri
Speaker: Torian Salary http://toriansalary.com

Lyrics – HATERS – Motivational Speech | Fearless Motivation

Haters will see you walk on water,
… and say, it’s because you can’t swim
They will see you become successful,
 and say it is because you got lucky
They will see you make progress,
 and say it is because you had more opportunity

But then they see you fail, and they will say it is because you were never good enough
They will say you couldn’t handle the pressure because you lacked character

I guess they didn’t know what i knew
That i would make it.
Maybe not immediately, but absolutely and definitely.
I said, 

i guess they didn’t know what i knew
That i would make it.
Maybe not immediately, but absolutely and definitely.

I guess the haters didn’t know i was only getting started….

I guess they weren’t to know that my failures were the fuel to my fire.
That my character thrived under pressure
That being like everyone else was the only way i could really fail

You see first they mock you, then they laugh at you, then they belittle you..
And then they beg for your help
If you weren’t by my side during my struggle, through my valleys
Don’t expect to be by there at the top of the mountain when i declare success
You had your opportunity when i was down and out

i guess they didn’t know that i KNEW
that no matter how steep the mountain i would reach the peak
my vision does not see the pain at the bottom of the mountain or the struggle in the valleys,
it sees only the glory standing at the top. 
At the top of the mountain…
my WILL sees NOT the pain and sacrifice
it sees the pride and the character
it sees me arriving at my destination.

now haters what have you got to say.
what excuse can you come up with now?

what is the reason i made it and you didn’t?
what is the reason i continue to out perform you?…

thats right
because YOU made excuses.
and I didn’t allow it

While you were busy making excuses
i was busy making things happen

while you were pointing the finger
i was raising the bar.

when you didn’t believe in me

while you focused on tearing down my dreams
i focused on making sure they came to life.

you thought your nonsense was effecting me?
it was only pushing more fuel into my fire.

Defeat, Failure, Set Backs
Come what may..
Make no mistake,
I will find a way!

The difference between winning or losing.
The difference between those who do and those who don’t make it in life… is not talent… 
It isn’t about any type of magical formula…
The difference is character… It’s human spirit…

And if you are going to make it in this world
Living out your dreams, or living out your nightmares, it is completely up to what YOU do. It all comes down to YOU.

haters motivational speech

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