Ladies: have you ever looked at women such as Madonna, Michelle Obama or Paige Hathaway and envied their impeccably-toned arms? If so, we have some good news. The sculpted arms look is surprisingly easy to achieve, and not in a way that takes the best part of forever. Be sure to check out our easy to follow infographic of Exercises To Tone Your Arms.

What is it about the arms that makes them so worthy of attention? There are so many reasons!  Women will tell you that the arms are regularly visible and that toned arms can enhance the appearance of the entire body, which is ideal for women who are trying to deflect attention away from somewhere else (e.g. a slightly flabby tum). Also, women’s clothing tends to focus on the upper body.

If you are looking to achieve the toned arm look, there are some exercises that you can try out to help you reach this goal. Arm circles, shoulder presses and triceps push-backs can all work wonders in sculpting your arms and they are ideal for beginners, although it’s important to keep upgrading the exercises, as doing the same routine time and again won’t have any long-term benefit.

Best of all, these exercises are quick, simple and inexpensive. In fact, you may not even have to spend any money at all! You only need something to lift (ideally weights but you can improvise with filled water bottles if need be) and a few minutes in an empty room at home to work towards sculpting your arms. Before you know it, your arms will look amazing and then it could be your turn to be the subject of envy!

To find out more about how to sculpt your arms, take a look at this helpful infographic from the folks at Supplement Mart.

Exercises To Tone Your Arms

Exercises To Tone Your Arms infographic

Which of these exercises have you tried? How did it go? Let us know in the comment section below!

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