Rise Up – Motivational Video For Those With Ambition

It’s time to take responsibility for your life. It’s time for the NEXT LEVEL! It’s time to RISE UP to your true potential!

It's time to RISE! RISE UP to your potential! RISE UP past your limitations! Click to Tweet

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Speakers: Corey Alvarez, Rob Cressy

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Transcript – Rise Up – Motivational Video For Those With Ambition | Fearless Motivation

My COMMITMENT and obsession is always to be better today than I was yesterday
If I have to make sacrifices to do that: so be it.
If I have to tell that person I can’t go out drinking with him anymore: so be it.
Because that’s not what I value.
Anything or anyone that is taking me further away from my dreams has to go.
I’m committed to self development not self destruction, and you know, any person that is meant to be with me on the journey, will choose that higher road with me.
Yes, a tougher road, but it is also a much more rewarding one.

I want my life to mean something.
To be able to look back at my life and say, yeah, I made some tough decisions, but they were the RIGHT decisions.

So many people don’t get it.
They piss their life away every weekend for what? 
So they can complain about their current circumstances for the rest of the week?

NO CHANCE! I’m in charge of my own life!
It’s all on me!
I take responsibility. I take action. And I GET S**T DONE!

You will never hear me complain about another person or circumstance as the reason I’m not where I want to be.
If I don’t like where I am… 
Time to knuckle down and work harder!

I am a perfect reflection of the hard work or lack of work I put in. And luck, that only comes to those who have paid their dues.

If I am weak in a certain area, it won’t be for long.
Because I’m committed to be better. I will learn, I will read. I will make it happen. I will FIND A WAY.
I will WORK until that weakness is turned into a strength.

No one can beat me, because i don’t give up!
You might knock my down, but i NEVER stay down!

It’s time to RISE.
RISE UP to your potential!
RISE UP past your limitations!
RISE UP past your family or friends limitations!

Set the standard for those around you!
Don’t conform to the standard, like a sheep. Get out and LEAD THE WAY!

No one can beat me, because i don't give up! I'm RELENTLESS! Click to Tweet
Don't conform to the standard, like a sheep. Get out and LEAD THE WAY Click to Tweet

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  1. Brendon

    The best,when I see the videos it strengthens me to work hard and put some effort in what I`m doing in my life so I can achieve my dreams.


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