Start Your Morning With Motivation! 5 Easy Steps to Change Your Life

Did you know that the majority of successful people are early morning risers? Numerous resources have collected information about the most successful people’s morning rituals and there’s no doubt that some habits show up more often than others. Being an early riser revolves around a quite interesting quote by Robin Sharma: “Mind over Mattress”. It represents the fight you hold inside; the voice that keeps telling you to go back to bed, and your rational mind that yells “I want to succeed”.

Most of the time, successful people choose to listen to their inner self and get out of bed immediately. They start their day super early, and by the time average people wake up, they’ve already accomplished some of their plans. Rising earlier with one hour each day would save up to 15 full days in a year. Two hours earlier would mean an extra month each year. These are the benefits and stakes! In this article we’ll talk about some good morning routines and habits you should adopt every morning, simple steps that might change your life. Let’s begin:

1. Exercise Every Morning

Exercising is one of the habits that improves your day even if you don’t feel it. It’s actually scientifically proven that being physically active makes your brain release more dopamine. That’s actually going to make you happier and more motivated each and every day.

Start your morning waking up at 6 AM (majority of successful people use this hour), or earlier. Get out of bed, take a quick shower, stretch, and just get out of the house. It’s time for your morning jog. Start jogging for half an hour each day until you’re able to increase the length of your exercise session.

Steps to Change Your Life

2. Eat Healthy & Drink Plenty of Water

Many people don’t even have breakfast in the morning. They completely miss it because they’re either waking up too late and they have no time for that, or they’re just too lazy to prepare it before going to work.

They’re missing a very important day booster. Eating in the morning while also eating healthy has a tremendous impact on your overall day. Getting the right nutrients and energy boosters is what makes successful people handle all the stress. It also makes them more productive and capable.

Another important tip is to hydrate. Staying hydrated also gives you extra energy during the day, makes you sleep better, helps to lose the extra body fat faster, and so on. It comes with a lot of benefits and it’s easy: just drink a big glass of water right after you get out of bed, and continue to drink water during the day.

3. No “Screen Time” During Your Morning Ritual

If you really follow our tips, you’ll begin to create a morning ritual. Exercising, having a healthy breakfast, doing some important planning, and so on. It’s very critical that you keep yourself focused on yourself.

Don’t read your e-mail, don’t use Facebook, and don’t even turn on the TV. Be alone, and get into a positive state of mind.

After your morning ritual is over, you can start your day being organized and already knowing what you have to do. Doing this every morning will just fill you up with positive energy and give you power to get through all the mundane tasks and challenges you’ll have to face during each day.

Steps to Change Your Life

4. Read Every Morning

Supposing that you work a nine-to-five job, you have to be at work by 9am. Waking up at 6am would give you enough time to jog for 45 minutes, take a shower, eat, and be ready to do something else by 7:30am.

Many successful people choose to use a portion of their morning hours for their reading. Successful people are often hungry for development and knowledge. They never stop growing up. That is why they read a lot of non-fictional books that are extremely educational and mind changing.

You should dedicate 15 to 30 minutes each morning to reading. Find some bestselling books on Amazon related to whichever subject you wish to learn about. Make a “to-read” list and start making reading a morning habit!

5. Plan Your Day Before Even Starting It

After you do your exercising, taking a shower, drinking coffee, eating, reading, and other morning activities, there’s something else you must do before you begin your “normal” day.

Plan your day and make it successful before even starting it. Think about something important you must get done today and make sure you complete it by the end of the day. It can also be a list of more things you must do, but usually it’s best to stick to something important and relevant.

Morning routine is extremely important. It definitely influences every day of your life. We really recommend you not just “to take into consideration” these tips and habits, but also to apply them immediately and consistently. Only by repetition they will actually become programmed habits.

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