The 15 Best Motivational YouTube Channels of All Time

1. Mateusz M

With over 880,000 subscribers, Mateusz M is the best motivational YouTube channel in our list. It’s videos ignite emotions using words from the greatest legends ever such as Steve Jobs, Will Smith and Les Brown. The powerful words synchronized with emotive visuals will touch you in the place that lies dormant but has enormous potential. And you just need to tap into that.

Mateusz M Top Motivational Video: “DREAM”

2. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is one of the most revered person in the field of life and business coaching. His words are always moving and he brings a sense of urgency in your life. His speeches are used to make money by a myriad of bloggers. Robbins is one of the best motivational YouTube hosts you’ll ever come across. So, this is one channel you cannot afford to miss.

3. Absolute Motivation

Absolute motivation has a hypnotic quality to it. You get so lost watching their videos that you lose sense of time. So, give this one a try. This not only teaches the basics of growth and success in life, but it can also power up your workout session.

Absolute Motivation – Top Motivational YouTube Video: “The Meaning Ft. Jim Carrey”

4. Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas is an excellent motivational speaker who sets himself apart with his vibrant passion. You’ll not only have chills down your spine listening to his powerful words, his humor and insightful stories will make you fall in love with his craft. It is definitely one of the best motivational youtube channels.

5. Brian Tracy   

Brian Tracy is one of the best motivational YouTube speakers and an ultra-successful performance coach. With about 480 high-quality videos on his YouTube channel, Brian Tracy provides the greatest value on our list. His videos are about 4-5 minutes and if you want to get great value real quick, this channel is for you.

6. Robin Sharma  

Robin Sharma is a leadership coach and urges people to live by the mantra – “Lead without a title”. He emphasizes on becoming world class, to the level of Picasso, and seeing your work from a renewed perspective.

7. Basquiat Picasso

Basquiat Picasso makes videos that are moving, full of wonder and can also melt your heart. No, this isn’t an exaggeration. It is true. So, if you really want to open your emotional floodgates and unleash power from them, give this one a try.

best motivational youtube

8. Be Inspired

Be Inspired has proven its mettle by gaining over 520,000 subscribers in just one year. If you want to get through your gym session feeling like a beast, this channel is the one for you. With stacked inspirational speeches one after the other, it not only teaches you the wisdom but also fires up your soul.

9. Motivation Grid

Motivation Grid is an excellent channel to fire up adrenaline and get going for the day. It not only gives you inspirational words, you learn the stories of great legends in those words, learn how to become better yourself and stop complaining. It shows how the only person standing in your way is you.

10. Brendon Burchard  

Brendon Burchard’s channel is about seven years old and gives powerful lessons on overcoming fear, dreaming big, perseverance and so on. More than one million people have taken his online courses making him one of the best online gurus.

11. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vee is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Vaynermedia. In his early years of business, he took his family wine business and took it from $3 million to $60 million in just a couple years. He has no no-nonsense attitude and drops a lot of f-bombs. So, wear headphones if you have children around.

12. CJ Chan

CJ Chan provides brings out the hunger in you – hunger for your dreams, hunger for what you’ve been compromising, hunger for greatness. You’ll learn important lessons on gratitude, vision, destiny and dream. Don’t think twice and give this one a try.

CJ Chan Top Motivational Youtube Video “Maybe”

13. FightMediocrity  

This channel is not hosted by a billionaire coach, but it ranks high on our list because of its raw innovation. FightMediocrity provides wisdom extracted from books using animated videos. So, if books bore you to death, this channel is the one for you. Learn the knowledge and improve your life.

14. RedFrost Motivation

Do you want to hear all the greatest legends on the same channel? RedFrost Motivation presents wisdom from some of the greatest legends like Muhammad Ali, Will Smith and Jay Z. It is their own words stacked together to form a beautiful composition.

15. Mulligan Brothers

This is one of the best motivational YouTube channels. They release a couple videos every week, based on speeches and voiceovers. It is a great channel for fitness enthusiasts as well. It makes you think hard and gives you the push to get out of your comfort zone.

Don’t forget Team Fearless !

Motivational Youtube Playlist by Team Fearless:

12 Responses

  1. JMP

    It seems that the top channels for motivation here are offered by men. Who are the inspirational women?

      • Hafsa

        Muniba Mazari is an inspirational women and she does have her own channel but she has done a lot of videos for other channels too.

  2. Juby John

    Hi Akshay,

    Thanks for highlighting these ever inspirational videos from the pool of YouTube. Absolute Motivation, Be Inspired, Mateusz M, Life Without Limbs are some of my all time favorite Youtube channels. Have a look 🙂

  3. Devesh

    You can not ignore Acharya Prashant. If you have not listened to him you are missing some thing immense. His talks some things which are beyond Motivation

    His videos help to gain clarity of mind and absolute surety. And when we are really sure all our energy rises into right action

  4. Elisabeth

    Literally all dudes. Try harder. Rowena Tsai is great for balance and achieving big dreams. One Big Happy Life is a fave for shaping the life you want and money management. I was hoping to find more channels like these in this list, but no. I’m just not that motivated by men. Sorry.

  5. Hafsa

    ProjectElon – Study Motivation is also an amazing channel. I was surprised it wasn’t on the list.

  6. Harshvardhan vaghela

    It seems that you haven’t done your homework. Sandeep Maheshwari is the world’s biggest YouTube channel of motivation with 22.7 million subscribers. Why you only name American speakers as biggest. Search Sandeep Maheshwari and you will know.

  7. SSF Youtube

    Sandeep Maheshwari Sir is one and only biggest Motivational Youtuber with over 24 Million Subscribers as in Sep 2022. You should mention Sandeep Maheshwari as a World’s biggest Motivational Youtuber in this Blog. And if you want only American and not an Indian youtuber. Then remember India is most populated country and Indians are present everywhere. Most of the audience comes from India.


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