How to Find Your Purpose in Life When Everything Falls Apart

“Sometimes when you’re in a dark place, you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted.”

Have you ever been in a dark place? When nothing goes according to the plan. You feel so down in the dumps that even thoughts about the future scare you to your bones.

Life will hit you in the face. Here is how to bounce back.

1. Reclaim Your Power

When everything falls apart, we are entangled in between two identities. We don’t know where we belong. Psychiatrists believe any overwhelming transition comes along in six stages: loss, uncertainty, discomfort, insight, understanding and integration.

Everyone in pain is looking for the insight. And the insight here comes when you find and build a new piece of your soul that can replace the old one that you have lost.

For example, Madonna Badger, an ad executive, lost her three daughters and parents in a tragic Christmas Day house fire in 2011. Badger believes that her purpose now is to end objectification of women in advertisements. This is her way of honoring her daughters.

Your pain can transform you into a revolutionary person. Don’t underestimate its power.

How to find your purpose in life: Ask yourself, “How can I transform my pain into a source of power?”

2. Lean on Others

When everything falls apart, it is like your shell is broke open and your vulnerabilities become visible to the outside world. People have a tendency to isolate themselves in such situation. But if you want to get through the tough times, you must learn to find comfort in the love and support of others.

Call your best friend. Tell them you need them. Let them instill some faith in you.

How to find your purpose in life: First make yourself stable. Seek comfort in others.

3. Count Your Blessings

How many times have you thought something negative, only to find yourself depressed a few minutes later? Our thoughts work like a river. We can step into magnificent waters and feel the good vibes streamlining our way. Or we can step into dark waters and get lost in the turmoil.

If you want to find the right direction, you must first learn to stand strong on your feet. And to find mental stability, always count your three blessings every day. Ask yourself, “What am I grateful for?”

You don’t need a BMW to be grateful. Savor the delicious coffee in the morning. Appreciate the new song on your playlist. Be grateful for the little things that tickle your fancy.

How to find your purpose in life: To become stable, count three blessings every day.

4. Spend Time With Yourself

When you spend more time with yourself, you can get in touch with what you want. Moreover, you should meditate to leave the fast currents of life and see things from a grounded awareness. 

Take a break from social media. Make your social circle smaller. Give yourself the most of your time. Schedule alone time with yourself. Keep a journal. See where is the current of life taking you. Keep in touch with your wishes, desires and needs.

How to find your purpose in life: Spend time with yourself. Write a journal. Schedule alone time.

5. Divide and Conquer Your Fears

When everything falls apart, fear often tries to scare us out of our wits. But don’t fret. To conquer your fears, first tear them apart. Divide them into small doable tasks.

For example, if you have insurmountable debt, break it down into two categories: non-urgent and urgent. Then find ways to pay off the debt which is urgent.

Take small steps and you can conquer all of your fears.

How to find your purpose in life: Hunt your fears down by dividing them into small and manageable tasks.

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  1. John Olah

    Sometimes when we are down we need to find help and sometimes what we need is to gather momentum. Being down and remaining there is bad for achievement. We need to continue to move towards our goal.


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