5 Great Ways For Improving Your Attention Span & Focus

A goldfish can focus longer than you. Can you believe that?

In fact, most of you are going to skim through this article. That shows how spoiled our attention is these days.

The average attention span of a human being has dropped down to eight seconds. Microsoft did a study in 2015 in which this sad truth was revealed. In fact, attention spans in millennials have become so endangered that NBA will consider shortening the length of their games to keep it interesting for young adults.

So now that you know that we weren’t kidding, here are the top five ways for improving your attention span.

Improving Your Attention Span

1. Flow with Music

Music has a hidden power to it. It can take us to a happy place or a sad place within a few seconds. So leverage its power to take yourself into that zone where nothing else really matters other than the thing you want to do.

If you want to work, put on some instrumental music and see how your attention flows like a sharp laser cutting through all distractions. Don’t choose music with words because words will distract you instead of keeping you focused.

2. Meditate

Scientists have proven that meditation can literally change your brain. You grow gray matter and build new neural pathways to strengthen the power of your mind to focus. In fact, just eight weeks of meditation can change your brain forever.

One of the most annoying things that disturb our concentration is the “story of me”. Our minds keep telling us the story of our life and keep wandering aimlessly all day. Meditation can help calm this monkey-mind thinking and focus on what’s important.

For improving your attention span, you don’t need to become a monk. Start with five to ten minutes of meditation every day. And if you don’t know how to meditate, learn mindfulness, which is a simple form of meditation. It requires just focusing on your breath, and when distracting thoughts come – letting them flow and just coming back to your breath.

3. Play Games

Now don’t get us wrong. You cannot play six hours of World of Warcraft to increase your concentration to the levels of Albert Einstein’s. But there are particular video games that are meticulously designed to improve your concentration.

One example of such a game is Dual-N-Black. You can also play chess to increase your concentration. Playing chess will teach you how to be patient and strategic in your actions.

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4. Do One Thing at a Time

Never multitask. When it’s time to work, don’t play. And when it’s time to play, don’t work.

Whenever you start a task, keep away from all distractions. Turn off the internet while working. Put your smartphone in the other room.

Most people keep their mobile phones at arm’s length all day long. This simple fact shows how we have designed our lifestyles to be extremely distracting. But this is not good for your brain. If you want to succeed in any field, you have to be focused. You have to become habitual to be working long hours with full focus if you want to reach the top.

If you really are serious about improving your attention span, let go of your smartphone for a week and survive on a “potato phone”. You will drastically change how you feel, act and behave. Relationships will seem more rewarding and life will become richer in meaning.

5. Exercise

Most people think exercise improves your physical health and makes you look good. But they’re wrong. Research has proven that exercise makes you more creative and increases the cognitive powers of your brain. Students with ADHD showed increased levels of focus with just twenty minutes of exercise.

Isn’t that amazing? A single twenty-minute session changes your biochemistry in such a way that you can do tasks with full concentration. Even if you go for a brisk walk every day, you’ll feel the effects on your brain.

Imagine how it’d feel to get early from work every day just by improving your attention span.

Time is the scarcest resource and exercise will get you more of it.

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