7 Gift Ideas For The Hard To Buy For Entrepreneur

Most people have experienced this issue when it comes time for a Birthday, or Christmas: “What do I buy for them… they have everything”
Entrepreneurs in particular can be hard to please, and therefor hard to buy for… but they don’t need to be. When buying gifts for ANYONE all you really need to do is think about what that person loves, and then what type of gift fits within that love. Most entrepreneurs love growing, developing and learning, so, here are 7 gift ideas for the hard to buy for entrepreneur:

1. A Life Changing Book

Not a romance novel or Harry Potters latest, but something in the self-development aisle. Below is a list of recommended, and life-changing books EVERY entrepreneur should read if they are serious in gaining success. They are also great gifts that can be purchased online and delivered cheap.

2. Motivational Posters

What entrepreneur doesn’t love a great Motivational Quote? Keep them inspired with these motivational posters and canvas prints:

motivational posters gift idea

3. A Donation To Charity, On Their Behalf

Most entrepreneurs are givers. Their mission is to serve others and change lives. What better way to give a gift, than to give to two people at the same time, to help someone less fortunate in the process. These days you will find most charities provide the option of gifting, search for the one that means the most to you or your gift-recipient, and see if you can lighten up two lives with one gift.

4. Self-Development Programs

Every highly successful person is so, because they are lifetime learners. If the person you are buying for is into personal growth, there’s not many better gifts you can give than a self-development program that would change their life forever. Our go to program is Get The Edge by Tony Robbins, you can get the downloadable (UPDATED) version here. We also highly recommend anything from MindValley, especially The Spiritual Laws Of Money by T.Harv Eker.

5. Motivational CD’s and Motivational Speeches (Album Download)

I’ve never met a great entrepreneur that wasn’t self-motivated, but I’ve also never met an entrepreneur that didn’t want more, didn’t want GROWTH.
greatest hits
Motivational Speeches can be perfect for the hard to buy for entrepreneur to give them that little extra. You can purchase CD’s of motivational speeches, or you can also “Gift” album downloads on all popular music platforms, like iTunes, Google and Amazon. Motivation can come in many forms:
Self-Development SpeechesOn CD, Download iTunes, Download or Gift GooglePlay, Download or Gift On Amazon
– Gym Motivation (Speeches & Music) – On CD, Download or Gift on iTunes, Download or Gift GooglePlay, Download or Gift on Amazon

6. Motivational Apparel

Entrepreneurs love to declare who they are and where they are going! Try these for size:

7. A Seminar Ticket

Just like Self-Development programs, the right seminar can be life-changing. Depending on your location and how much you’re willing to spend, you could likely find a great event in your area. Test Mr. Google now.

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  1. Amanda

    These are really great ideas to gift our boss. As they are always thinking about business, economy, business relations… Thanks for sharing.


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