A Reminder of Who You Really Are – Neale Donald Walsch

Quite often people identify themselves with their mind or with the opinions of others. The social conditioning from movies, television, newspapers tells you that you are your job, your possessions, your social status, and so on. As if there is no higher purpose to our lives.

But if you are so keen, you will find that you have much more power than you think. We’ll talk about it in a moment. But first, let’s look at the core of who you really are.

Here are the 4 key ideas that will remind who you really are and help you find yourself when you feel lost – guided by Neale Donald Walsch.

1. All is One

There are mirrors everywhere around you. You just need to look at things from a different perspective. When it rains, you feel a certain way and when you roam around in a jungle, you feel completely different. When it’s cold winter, it encourages time for introspection, and summer gives you the time for self-expression and let your light shine bright in the world.

The truth is that life is happening all around us. Night sky, flowers, feeling of love, glory of a great idea – life is all pervasive and expands into everything you have ever experienced. If you want to find yourself, look around, you exist in everything that you’ve experienced.

Neale Donald Walsch – A Reminder of who you really are:

2. You Are the Creator

You create your life with thoughts, actions, beliefs, and most importantly, your attention, your focus. What you focus on, you feed it with energy and it becomes your reality. If you focus on work and achievement, then you’ll work towards success and that’s where you’ll make progress. If you focus on relationships and adventure, then that is where your life will show results. So when you want to find yourself, realize that you find yourself by creating yourself.

Just one hour of focused energy every day brings great results in the long run. For example, if you exercise for just one hour every day, you’ll have a great physique in three to six months. If you work on your professional skills one hour every day, you’ll have a promotion within a year, and you’ll become an expert-level professional within three years. According to the self-help guru Brian Tracy, it takes 3 years of one-hour learning for everyday to reach at the top of your profession.  

3. Power of Intention

Understanding the power of intention and using it every day can bring tremendous change in your life. When you set an intention, something interesting happens. After sometime, the universe starts showing you ideas of how you can fulfill that intention. It’s upto you to become aware and act on those ideas.

For example, if your intention is to have a good physique, your friend might ask you to go to the gym with them. Or if you want to launch a small business, you might accidently find a great business idea. The author of ‘The Alchemist’, Paulo Coelho, calls these ideas ‘omens’ or ‘synchronicities’. These synchronicities show that the universe is working for you and not the other way around.

4. The Divine Process

It is in the act of creating that we become most like the Gods. This is the divine process we take part in whether we realize this or not, whether we believe in God or not. Everyone is creating their life actively or passively. For some people, life is happening to them, and for others, life is coming from them, created by them.  So, to find yourself, you must look at what you are creating and what you want to create.

The Takeaway

The lesson here is that you need to wake up and realize your power as the creator. Create your life on your own terms.

Before you end reading this and switch to another task, take a deep breath and set an intention, something that really matters to you, deep in your heart. Then keep looking for synchronicities in the next couple days. You’ll be surprised at how the universe listens to your wishes.

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