5 Powerful T. Harv Eker Quotes You Need for Unlimited Success

T. Harv Eker is the author of the best-seller, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. He also appeared in The Secret and his work has positively impacted millions around the world. 

His journey wasn’t perfect and success was far from overnight. After many years of frustration, he sold his fitness brand to a Fortune 500 corporation and became a millionaire. Less than two years later he was broke.

Instead of staying down he studied psychology and retrained his “financial blueprint.” He vowed that he if ever got rich again he would help others achieve financial success. Not only has he succeeded financially but he kept his promise to help inspire millions around the world. 

Here are five T. Harv Eker quotes to help retrain your mind and create the life you deserve.


“If you are willing to do only what’s easy, life will be hard. But if you are willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy.” — T. Harv Eker

Anything great in life shouldn’t be easy to accomplish. Don’t be scared of going after the hard things in life, be worried when everything feels easy. The more work you put in now the easier it will be in the future.


“Successful people have fear, successful people have doubts, and successful people have worries. They just don’t let these feelings stop them.” T. Harv Eker

Successful people have the same emotions as everyone else. The only difference is how they react and don’t let these emotions decide their future. Don’t be afraid to feel the fear and take massive action anyway. The more you pursue what is scary the less it will happen.


“If you want to move to a new level in your life, you must break through your comfort zone and practice doing things that are not comfortable.” T. Harv Eker

Human beings love their comfort zone. It’s why people stay in jobs they don’t like and settle for mediocrity. But, if you can get in the habit of pushing yourself outside your comfort zone on a consistent basis you will grow exponentially. If you want life to change chances are you have to change.

This could be your mindset, work ethic, and belief or a combination of all three. Challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone every single day and watch your confidence levels soar.


“The biggest obstacle to wealth is fear. People are afraid to think big, but if you think small, you’ll only achieve small things.” T. Harv Eker

It takes no more effort to think and dream big than it does to think small. Don’t get caught up in realistic or attainable goals. Create a goal or vision that will inspire and motivate you to become someone you currently are not. Don’t be afraid to dream big!


“20% of your activities produce 80% of your results.” T. Harv Eker

The 80/20 rule, known as the Pareto Principle, is evident with all successful people. They focus on the activities that get the most results — you should do the same. Eliminate what doesn’t help you move the needle toward your goals.


“If you are insecure, guess what? The rest of the world is too. Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself. You are better than you think.” T. Harv Eker

It’s important to never compare yourself to anyone but your former self. Everyone has a different story, don’t compare your journey with theirs. Have confidence in yourself that you will succeed.

Use these T. Harv Eker quotes to create the life you envision for yourself. No matter where you are in life you can always come back like T. Harv Eker did. Once you start believing in yourself anything is possible.


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