This is for all of those fighting battles alone.

WALK ALONE – Motivational Video

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Walk Alone – Motivational Speech – Lyrics, Music, Speech: Copyright: Fearless Motivation
From The Motivational Speeches Album THEY WILL NEVER DEFINE ME
Speakers: Chris Ross
+ Tyrone Stokes
Music © Fearless Motivation, by Patrick Rundblad

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Transcript – Those Who Walk Alone Have The Strongest Direction – Motivational Speech | Fearless Motivation

Success can be a lonely road. 

It can be a tough road. It can be a hard road.

It’s certainly not for everyone… Those who follow others like sheep will never know who they truly are. Only those who follow their own path can discover the truth of their own potential.

Those who fly alone have the strongest wings.

Those who walk alone have the strongest direction.

The rest will always be IN NEED of others for their survival.
They will always need attention.
Need recognition.
To survive.

I am at peace alone. Needing no attention. No recognition. And still I thrive.

I am not saying those who have support are weak. I am not saying you must go it alone to gain strength. This is just for those that have fought battles alone, those who have felt like they don’t fit it, those who have never had support, in anything they do.

All of those who feel no one believes in them… You don’t need them to believe in you if YOU believe in you.

 You don’t need their support if you’ve got your own back.

The best part is, when you truly live the life you want to live… 
When you speak your truth… When you embrace who you are… Then you gain real respect, and real love. 

People love those who have the GUTS to be themselves. Those who have the courage to follow their heart.
 Why? It’s RARE. 
Why? Because most people wish they could do the same.

 Show them the way.


It will all come good in the end, and when it does, you won’t have only inspired yourself to be more, you will have inspired so many others.

I had to learn to fight alone 
and because of that I am strong alone

I am strong. Full stop.

I developed inner strength 
that can’t be broken. 
I am unbreakable.

Because of the pain, 
I am strong.

 Because of the struggle
 I have character most will never know.

I appreciate others more than ever. 
I have more compassion than ever.

I had to go deep into the darkness… 
Now I have more depth
. Now I can see clearer.

I had to face huge internal challenges
… Now I can face any challenge. 
I will destroy every challenge.

I am proud of who I have become. 
I am proud I have OVERCOME. 
I am proud I KEPT GOING! 
I am proud of WHO I AM. 
Who I’ve BECOME. 

I am proud I stayed true to myself.
 Because now I can live, as myself.
 With respect from others
 and most important
 from myself.

walk alone

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10 Responses

  1. Brave wisdom

    the only way to achieved happiness is wen u walk alone. am so happy to gat this quote web-site.

  2. Kobina Mpuntumpuntu

    I have being walking alone, all my life but I discovered if you are lucky to have good people(support systems) around you can achieve more. Nonetheless I have learnt a lot as a lone wolf. Thx

    • Tetoka Tabaua

      I like your comments but in fact, the fake people are the one who give us a big lesson in life, so what do you think you can learn without allowing mistakes in your life?

  3. M.Primmer

    Wonderful, moving and inspirational. Thank you so much for taking the time to share with others who too are on a journey .God bless

  4. Dieter Reisinger

    Dear all. I was allone at the ground. Now I always allone but, I’m on the way now. Thankt fot this big punch to my side. And at end one question from my side. Can I have thea reall picture to do a bigprint out at my side ? I will glue this picture to my door. Thanks, Didi from Germany.


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