Did you know that there are only five personality types for everyone in the world? This is known as the “Five Factor Model” and actually dictates how you act in life.

Your personality defines what you act like on a daily basis, how you respond to certain situations, and even how successful you will become in the future. The problem is that a lot of people don’t seem to know their personality well enough.

This can lead to difficult encounters in life. It’s very helpful to know what type of personality you favor so you can be aware of it in the future. Of the five types, most people have one or two but experience all five to some degree.

Here are the five types of people in the world.

The Five-Factor Personality Model

1. Extroversion | Five Factor Model

Extroversion personality types tend to be most alive when they are in a group setting. These people tend to thrive in social situations and love interacting with others. They are never shying away from the spotlight and tend to command attention.

I’m sure you can think of a few people that fall in this one pretty easily as they’re often the loudest.

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2. Openness | Five Factor Model

The openness personality type is usually defined as those who are very creative and have a ton of different interests. They are usually people who love to travel, explore, and create throughout life.

Usually, they are not someone to enjoy a routine but instead opt for the wild side of life. They also tend to be more adventure seekers always pushing themselves to the next level.

Not just physically but spiritually, emotionally, and mentally as well. If you’re not this type of personality it’s easy to see them as someone who is a drifter and not as focused on their life.

Studies have also found that these individuals all tend to share one thing in common, their political views. They are always liberal and the only personality type to identify with politics.

3. Agreeableness | Five Factor Model

The third personality trait is agreeableness. These individuals tend to be very kind and generous to the people closet to them in life. They are very giving, usually volunteering or doing work to help better the lives of others.

To other personality types, these individuals are seen as more passive than other types. They tend to make very calculated decisions and not take massive risks.

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4. Conscientiousness | Five Factor Model

People with a conscientiousness personality type tend to be high achievers who are always striving more. They don’t enjoy being mediocre and instead work hard to take life to the next level.

One of the ways they do that is they are highly organized and focus on planning everything. This helps them optimize their time and energy to achieve the most possible in the day.

In a group setting, they are the individuals that take initiative and lead the group. They aren’t sitting around they are making things happen.

People that aren’t this type of personality tend to view them as stubborn, obsessive, and sometimes hard to deal with.

5. Neuroticism | Five Factor Model

The final personality type is neuroticism. These individuals are “neurotic” and tend to be very emotional. One day they can be in a great mood and the next day very depressed. They tend to suffer huge mood swings.

These individuals tend to be reactive and very excitable but can follow it up highs with equal lows. They are constantly seeking the approval of others.

Which personality type do you have? After writing it was clear what type I am and surprised at how accurate the results are.

Some studies have shown that your personality type is formed before ten years old! If you’re not thrilled with your personality type spend time focusing on what you want to change. If it feels hard it’s because you’ve been operating from this system for a long time.

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