If you’ve set out on a goal and haven’t found success yet, it’s hard to have the motivation some days.

You might not have the same inspiration you had at the beginning of pursuing your big dream.

I know because I fought this and had to overcome this struggle a couple of months ago. Entrepreneurship kept feeling like it was kicking me when I was down.

But I kept reminding myself that success isn’t supposed to be easy or everyone would have million dollar homes and supercars.

Instead, I flipped the way I looked at everything.

I quit thinking of my “failures” and started focusing on how it was helping me become the person, who could be successful.

I started embracing the situation and appreciating the benefits.

You can do the same by learning these three crucial lessons of success:

Fail Your Way to Success

1. You Develop Grit and Perseverance  

One of the best parts about “failing” is that you get tough. You learn how much you really want the goal. And if you’re like me, you really want it.

But tough times are also an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve already accomplished.  You didn’t make it to where you are now by accident; you’ve worked hard, gained wisdom, and have probably helped people along the way.  Now is the time to reflect on those accomplishments and congratulate yourself for how far you’ve come.

In that reflection time, it’s inevitable that you’ll begin to realize how resilient you’ve become. And that’s a trait that will make you successful you in any endeavor the rest of your life. It can’t be taught, it’s something you have to go through on your own.

Quit beating yourself up for not finding the goal line yet and focus on how much stronger and smarter you are.  Remember, as Samuel Johnson said, “Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.”

2. You Learn To Find New Solutions

If you’re working hard and long, sometimes it’s the Universe trying to tell you something.  It might be trying to help you find a new solution to the problem you’re trying to solve. In my case, I found that I wasn’t finding success in certain entrepreneurial activities because I kept trying the same methods over and over again.

You may need to learn how to better balance your energy, learn new skills, and find people that can help you get to the goal. And you might learn new skills or attract new people that you probably wouldn’t have if you already found success.

3. You Find Hidden Life Lessons

The last part of “failing your way to success” is that you learn some hidden lessons that you can’t read in any book or listen to in any podcast. Some things you just have to go through on your own to really feel them.

You’re going to learn so much more about yourself in tough time or when things are failing than you’ll ever learn when you’re coasting to success.

As Fred Brooks said,

“You can learn more from failure than success. In failure, you’re forced to find out what part did not work. But in success, you can believe everything you did was great when in fact some parts may not have worked at all. Failure forces you face reality.”

Instead of focusing on the frustration and discouragement of the short term, shift your focus instead on how this time can help you in the long term. The only thing you can do is adapt, learn, and keep moving forward. If you quit, you’ll never know if the day after that would’ve been the day you found massive success.

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