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Would you like to be a featured writer on Fearless Motivation?

Passionate about writing? Keen to share your perspectives? We are always on the lookout for inspiring writers and welcome a variety of topics. Here are few reasons why you should write for us.
Please keep in mind:
1. We do not pay for guest posts for promotion.
2. We only accept posts that add huge value to our readers, the article must be on a self-improvement topic.
3. We do not accept links within your article, only within your bio. If you want to add links to your article you can do so through a sponsored post (paid).

Why Fearless Motivation?

1. Exposure!

You will receive worldwide exposure for your motivational writing jobs . Your post will be viewed by potentially hundreds of thousands of people (We currently receive on average over 12 million unique page views PA).
We have a social media reach of over 3 million active followers and most articles will be shared on these channels: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, GooglePlus, Instagram.

2. Traffic Back To You.

Each post you write for us will contain your picture and short bio, which you can include links back to your website, blog AND/or social media site.

Writing Guidelines:

* Article must be unique to Fearless Motivation (never before or after published on any other website – we will check this on copyscape so please do not submit articles already published)
* Minimum of 500 words up to 1000 words
* Quality content, of huge value to our readers
* On a suitable topic for Fearless Motivation (Self-Development, fitness, sports, quotes, motivational) Must serve the purpose of adding value to the reader.
* Written with SEO in mind, preferably based on a keyword/phrase.
* Well written with quality grammar and english

* Important: We will remove any links within your article unless they are highly relevant or internal links (unless you are submitting a sponsored/paid post). If you are trying to promote a specific link (outside of your bio) you can pay for a sponsored article post.
* Free submissions may be backdated.

Topics accepted:

Self-Development, Entrepreneur, Success Principles and Facts, Advice & Motivation, Life Coaching, Motivational Quotes, Inspirational Humans & How They Inspire You.

Sponsored Posts

If you would like to promote a specific link within your article, while keeping within the terms above, please contact us for current sponsored post rates. Your sponsored post must still be relevant to our website and of VALUE to our audience, we will instantly reject anything spammy or of no value to our readers.

How To Get Started:

You can submit by word document to
Please include your bio details:

*Display name
*Display image (square)
*Website link
*Social media links (optional) we can include your Facebook, twitter and google+ pages
*Short 1-2 sentence bio about yourself, related to self development


There are no guarantees of acceptance.
We will only post your article if it ADDS GREAT VALUE to our readers lives in some way and suits the tone and theme of our website.
If the article comes across as SALESY: If it reads more like an ADVERTISEMENT, rather than valuable content in any way we will reject it straight away.
We do not currently accept articles with links (bio or in-article) going to ESSAY-writing services, anything to do with gambling, anything to do with political views, violence, or anything to do with harming animals or humans in any manner.

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