Limitations Speech – Motivational Music Video

The only limitations that exist are those YOU create in your own mind.

Limitations Speech – Motivational Speech by Fearless Motivation

There are no such thing as limitations!
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Album: Hungry For Success

Speakers: Corey Alvarez, Jones 2.0

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LYRICS / TRANSCRIPT for Limitations Speech:

I already know what giving up feels like. I want to see what happens if I don’t.

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Limitations? There are no such thing as limitations. The only thing holding you back is yourself. Your own views of what is, and what is not possible. Your own standards of the greatness you want to achieve. Your desire to sacrifice more than your competition. Your belief in yourself.

It might be hard. But it is much harder living a life, less than your expectations.

Do you think you have what it takes to achieve greatness?
Do you have what it takes to push yourself to another level?
To push yourself to your peak every single day?
You do
I know it, You know it, The World knows it.

You just have to decide
Decide to be better
Decide to have greater standards in all areas of your life
Get up earlier, stay up later
You did NOT wake up this morning to be mediocre

Believe in yourself
Show your true courage
Show your true heart
You can do this.

There are no more excuses
Excuses don’t live here no more
Excuses aren’t invited to this party
Excuses are a virus!
Kick Them out of your life!

If you believe anything is possible… Guess what? Anything IS possible!

Mark this day in your diary
Because today is the day everything changed
Today you put everyone else on notice
Today you said
I will no longer accept mediocrity
I will no longer accept a life less than i deserve
I will no longer accept anything less than the greatness that is within me
Today i will make better decisions
Today i will push myself!
Today is MY DAY!
You better believe it

Responsibility is where you live. Responsibility, Accountability and pure hard work!

There is nothing more satisfying than making it on your own terms. You are self made! Everything you are has come to you from your actions. Now take bigger actions! Epic actions!

Push yourself beyond previous limitations!
Be Fearless!

The world is your playground, and you only get ONE shot! MAKE IT COUNT!

Are you going to live this day as if it is your last?
Your last shot.
To make something of yourself
Give your all
Show your heart
Show your drive
Push yourself to the absolute limit
You will succeed!

Set your goals
Your craziest ever goals
The greatest dreams you have for your life
If you believe it’s possible, you can achieve the impossible!
Believe in yourself.
You can do it!
No limits.
No boundaries.
No doubts!

Respect is not given. It is earned
I don’t need an alarm clock
My goals wake me
My desire wakes me
My purpose wakes me
I don’t need haters to fuel my fire
My purpose is my fire

Sacrifice now, enjoy later
Push hard now, relax later

I don’t need other opinions
I have my own opinion
I have my own heart
I have my own dreams

Cowards never start
Weak never finish
Strong never quit


limitations speech

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  1. Sindy

    I recently subscribed to your motivational channels. I have transverse myletis and was told that one day I could go blind. I’ve pushed through the pain to walk again, and in constant pain. Your words are my rock to keep pushing and never give up. This world is mean and fillef with selfish people sometimes, you keep me pushing through it all. Thank you for sharing your gift and talent


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