How To Become More Motivated In The Morning

Even if you are a light-riser, mornings may, at some point become a great challenge. Motivation depends on your mental strength and mood. It may take all your efforts and reasoning just to get to the bathroom. And you know, when I physically need more rest nothing helps. Thus, the first and foremost motivation to get out of your comfortable bed is to increase hours of sleep. There’s a special online app SleepCalculator which defines exact time when you need to go to bed so you could feel refreshed early in the morning. It takes into account 15 minutes any human being needs to fall asleep. Plus this app reckons 6 cycles after which you have to wake up. However, if you haven’t noticed any changes, make experiments and calculate your best sleeping time.

Of course, it may differ from average 8 hours because everyone has own needs. For instance, I need less than 9 hours to feel motivated in the morning. And my friend feels tired if she sleeps for more than 7. In this case, sleep is your personal trait of character. And with each year you may feel that 15 minutes are not enough for you to flake out. Soon you will need almost 1 hour to calm down your thinking processes and restless heart. Yet a good sleep is crucial to help you renovate strength, desire to work, create and meet this world with smile.

What if you’ve already regulated your sleep time but still don’t feel enough motivated to get up right after you’ve opened your eyes. From medical point of view, you shouldn’t jump out of the bed the minute you hear an alarm. Since your body needs those 10-30 minutes to release melatonin. It is a hormone which is also known as our internal alarm clock. So if you need more time to get up, it’s not because you are too lazy to make an effort. It means your body copes with melatonin drop longer and needs more time to part with your pillow. Don’t close your eyes but let them stay relaxed, make a big yawn. Even if you don’t want, provoke it. Then move your thumbs, fingers and stretch in your bed. It’s important not to rush and make your getting up smooth and peaceful. If you count every minute and have to come to work earlier, shorten this lie-in to 9 minutes. Soon you will feel how your heartbeat increases, warmth appears in your feet and fingertips.

How To Become More Motivated In The Morning

5 Steps To Regain Your Motivation In The Morning

So, you woke up, went to fulfill your morning hygiene but all what you want is to get to bed again and forget about 10:00 a.m. job meeting? This is a case when you lack motivation to begin your day from the moment your body is ready. Facing the same problem 2 years ago, I realized that a bad start in the morning influences my whole day. I couldn’t cope with tasks at work or my favorite activities to become completely satisfied with their results. So I started digging for those methods which can ease my morning and make me more motivated. Here are those, which I’ve been applying every single day since then, even at weekends.

  • Plan your morning before your sleep. Write down or utter 3 vital things to accomplish in the morning.


  • I need to drink water or cold herbal tea.
  • I must do my morning yoga Sun Salutation work out.
  • I need to cook myself different from yesterday breakfast.

Making your morning routine blueprint will give you that urge to act.

  • Work out, even if you aren’t a yoga fiend, just use 15-minute warm-out. There are thousands of videos in YouTube so choose the best for you. But do not quit on exercising. Do it every morning as a part of your routine. According to a recent study conducted in 2010 by scientists of University College London in 66 days working out will turn into the same habit as brushing your teeth. Muscles will become less stiff and body will be always eager to start. With the help of exercising you can tune not only your body but also mind to face all the difficulties ahead.
  • Make a breakfast interesting varying your dishes and their colors. Your food can enrich both your stomach and imagination. And do not hurry up with eating, chew as if you’re too tired to move your jaw. Try to enjoy this process whatever diet you have. Don’t make plans or read, concentrate on your food. Yes, such an activity may not seem the most fascinating, but you should think of those dish ingredients. I mean, if you’re having eggs with ham imagine yourself on the farm around hens and all domestic animals. See the trees, grass saturated with greenness after long rainfalls. This 10-minute creativity exercise will help you feed imagination and tune yourself for positive thinking. Besides, doing these imaginary trips, you’ll realize soon that your mind is a huge generator of own motivation and success.
  • Write morning pages. It’s not something I came up with on my own like it was with food. I read it in a great motivation book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. I doubted in its effectiveness until I noticed how this morning habit influenced my productivity at work. I got down to writing articles faster. Moreover, this book proved me that total dedication does not always lead to a professional burnout. The last is the worst outcome for your motivation. That’s why you need next step to prevent it.
  • Bring pleasure and spontaneity into your life. Planning is a good thing to do, yet you’ll be more motivated at work if you know that at the end of the day something new, interesting and absolutely unpredicted is waiting for you. It can be a new dessert in an unusual café or just a long refreshing walk in the park.

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