Perfectionism – Is It A Good Or A Bad Thing?

Do you tend to get back at work, because you check everything several times? Do you get frustrated when your cake doesn’t look exactly like on the picture of a cookbook? Does it upset you when someone criticises you? If yes, chances are, you are a typical perfectionist!

Now this is not necessarily a bad thing. Perfectionists usually have great organization skills and they never stop self-developing to meet the high standards they have set for themselves. On the other side, if they don’t achieve the results they were expecting, they get frustrated, anxious and sometimes end up getting depressed.

In the infographic below we have explored the concept of perfectionism from different sides. First, find out if you or your friends are perfectionists by checking out the phrases you can often hear from a perfectionist. Then discover the good and the bad sides of perfectionism. Finally, look through some helpful exercises that might help a person become a “healthy” perfectionist


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