“We Are All In The Gutter But Some Of Us Are Looking At The Stars” – Oscar Wilde

It’s one of the greatest quotes of all time, but do you know the meaning?
We are all in the gutter means we all have our struggles, hard times and life problems.
Some of us are looking at the stars” means that some rare humans, despite the challenges we face decide to remain positive, remain focused on our dreams and goals. These are ultimately the people who find success in life.


We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars

We are all in the gutter…

Everyone, whether they admit it or not, has their own challenges, struggles and life issues, it is a natural part of being human.
But we all seem to react to situations, events, and challenges that arrive in our life very differently.
Some choose to remain in “the gutter” – they play the victim role and give up on their dreams easily, that is if they even attempt to pursue the dream in the first place.

Some of us are looking at the stars…

Others choose to use challenges and hard times to find a greater purpose, as fuel to their fire, to fight for their dreams and ensure they do all in their power to never be in that challenging moment again (if possible)

Some will choose to throw in the towel, they say they will never make it because “X” happened… they frequently blame others for their misfortune and constantly play the “luck” card.
On the flip side, some who face massive challenges and big life issues might choose to react differently, they will rise early knowing that every day is a new day, and a new opportunity.
Knowing that no yesterday has control over how you react today.
Knowing that today, and right now YOU CAN take the first step towards turning your life into something far greater than you ever imagined.

Take a step forward today, no matter how small, then another step tomorrow another the next day… and always ensure you are moving forward.
Always ensure you are looking at the stars (Keeping your goals, and dreams forefront of your mind)

Remaining alert to opportunities, seeking opportunities to move forward and capitalising when they arrive.

Next time you are in a challenging moment, know that you can remain down, play the victim role as most do, give up as most do, use the event as a reason why you didn’t make it, also as most do, or you can do what the minority do, which is decide you are greater than any challenge, and it is never about how great the challenges in your life – you will only ever be defined by how you react to your challenging moments.

Stay strong, remain hungry and always be looking at the stars.
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