Ways To Be On The High Side Of Life Always!

Have you ever experienced when our energy level is high, there are no fears, doubts or negativity in life. You feel nothing is impossible for you to accomplish. Infact, every living individual on this planet seeks to be elevated-elevated in energy to rise towards the higher knowledge and the bigger purpose in life.

But as life takes us on a roller coaster ride, we also come across moments of low-energy levels where we are all captured by negative thoughts and we die to see some light. It is normal to have some doubts and negativity in life but if we are always stuck in this then life seems to be difficult. Right?

Here are a few basic tips to keep your energy levels elevated, and remain on the high side of life always.

Be with your breath

Firstly, many of us even don’t realize that we are breathing and that sustains our life. Now, many of you might think how can our breath elevate our energy levels?

Our breath and the state of our mind are directly linked with each other. The breath flows heavily when we are angry and very softy when we are too tired. Yeah? Being with your breath can deprive you of any tensions and frustrations. In this moment, you are just breathing and life is flowing in and out. That’s it! Just let go off everything else. Doing this, you would feel an immediate shift in your energy levels.

Moreover, being high means being in the NOW! And the only way to be in the present moment is by being with your breath. 

Physical fitness is must

Eating all day, sitting in front of electronic gadgets and worrying so much for the future. This is what most of us do? Following such a routine would only make your body unfit and mind dull and this leads to low energy levels.

People who are physically fit are not just charming in their appearance but also have lots of friends around. This is because their presence is so positive and enchanting that people love to stay with them.

So, set up a tight routine for yourself when it comes to physical fitness. Always be on your toes to make the best of your physical health.

Physical fitness increases your enthusiasm, courage, valor and charm. It keep you away from low-energy and mood swings.


Stay Hydrated

Make sure you drink a good amount of purified with necessary minerals on a daily basis. This will keep your cells hydrated and also eliminate the waste stuff from the body.

Drinking fresh pressed green vegetable juice is also helpful in boosting energy levels. It is the best to nourish your body as it also alkalises your cells  making you feel light and full of vigor.

It is recommended to drink atleast 2 litres of water daily. Stay hydrated! Stay High!

Inculcate a healthy diet pattern

Well, many of you may be surprised how diet can impact your energy levels? But researches claim that you become what you eat. If you fresh, light and easy to digest food, you are always ready for action. And on the other hand, if you eat stuff with lots of sugar, caffeine and fats then you invite diseases and dullness to your body and mind.

Avoid high caffeine consumption, sugar, processed vegetable oils and even soft drinks.

Visit a dietician or your family doctor to figure out a healthy diet for you. Ayurvedic advice can also be helpful in finding out what suits your body type and constitution. 

Work for a common good

You would have realized that being stuck with your own desires brings tensions and more tensions. If we stretch our focus towards a collective good then we can see life at a bigger glance.

For example: If you are too much worried about your future, better pay a visit to a mental hospital or a slum. Seeing all those people, you would simply forget your own worries.

You can spend a day in a week or in a month to teach those kids in slum. This would really bring a difference in the state of your mind.

So, next time you are driven by your own desires and worries, get out of your home and help someone in need. Remember, working for a common good will always keep you high in life. 

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