Life Is 10% What Happens & 90% How You Respond To What Happens

Life Is 10% What Happens & 90% How You Respond To What Happens.

How do you respond to life? Watch “Anticipation” Motivational Speech by Fearless Motivation.

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Lyrics – Anticipation Motivational Speech | Fearless Motivation

They say that life is only 10% of what happens
But watch this:
90% is how you respond to what happens
Don’t miss what I’m telling you
Only 10% is what happens in your life
90% however is how you respond
to what happens in your life

Let me tell you something about an eagle
An eagle can soar
An eagle can glide
Watch this:
An eagle can sense trouble coming
from over a mile away
So to avoid being stopped
To avoid being obstructed
An eagle, with little to no effort
Can elevate himself above any and everything
that is coming to slow him down

I said with little to no effort
An eagle has the ability to elevate himself
Simply above any and everything that is coming
To slow him down

We’re talking about having the attitude of an eagle
The attitude of ‘nothing and no one will stop me
from doing what I need to do’

You know, anticipation is nothing more
Than a big word that simply means
You expect something to occur
You are past the point of hoping
You are past the point of wishing
You are literally certain that something will happen
So my question to you today is
Do you anticipate being successful?
Are you expecting,
Are you certain that this particular thing
Will happen in your life?

Not only do you have to have the correct attitude
But you have to anticipate being
Where you want to be in life
Success is only for those
That anticipate being successful
I said success is only for those individuals
That anticipate being where they want to be

today is the day

Household names like Oprah Winfrey
Household names like Michael Jordan
Household names like Will Smith
Y’all know what i’m talking about
Household names like Tyler Perry
Listen to me!
The question was raised
How did these individuals become
Massively successful?
How did these individuals get their names
Heard throughout the country
Heard throughout the world
The answer, my friend
Is simple
Each one of these individuals
Plus millions more that have become successful
Got to the point of being successful
Simply because they anticipated
Being where they are today

Long before Michael Jordan
Played for the Bulls
He anticipated
Playing for the Bulls
Are you gettin’ what i’m saying?
Long before Oprah Winfrey ever dreamed of being on television
She anticipated being in the position she is right now

Call it anticipation
Call it visualization
Call it your vision
Call it whatever you want!
I really don’t care
Just picture yourself arriving at your destination
Believe that is going to happen
Can you see it happening?
Can you see it taking place in your mind?

Is the main ingredient for success
Not only does it take
A great attitude
Not only does it take
Anticipating being successful
But what it also takes
Is action

Action is the foundational glue
That holds everything together

In other words
You will never be successful by simply
Possessing a great attitude
There’s something else that plays a major role
Ant that very thing is called action

Now if you decide to possess this ingredient called action
There’s nothing that you can’t do
However without this ingredient of action
There’s simply nothing that you can do

So in order to be successful in life
It takes anticipating being where you want to be
And it takes action
There are three major differences
Between those that are successful
And those that are still
Trying to be successful:
And action

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