Vision – Inspirational Speech By Benny Esco

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VISION – Inspirational Speech by Benny Esco – Do whatever it takes to bring your vision to life. You are a powerful creator.

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Speaker: Benny Esco


Lyrics – Vision Motivational Speech by Benny Esco | Fearless Motivation

Where do you see yourself 5 years from today
What type of vision do you have?
What type of destination do you have for your life?

I want you to imagine a GPS system
When you put in a destination
It shows you how to get there
It gives you the directions to get to your destination
Well your mind body and soul works the same way

If you don’t have a destination for your life
Your just drifting through life, taking whatever life gives you.
You’re not a creator, you’re not creating shit in your life
You’re taking handouts
You’re like a ship in the sea without a rudder
Wherever you end up in life, that’s where you end up
That is your end result
Because you have no vision

See, vision is not just something you see with your 2 eyes
vision is what you feel in your heart when you think about your dream
That desire that pumps through you. 
That desire that pumps through your whole being

The reason why your heart beats for you
You don’t have to think about your heart beating, your heart just beats

Who will you become?!
What type of life do you want to experience?!
What type of person are you willing to become, in order to manifest that vision


Your vision must be so massive that it must make you feel uncomfortable
When you share your vision with others they must think you are crazy

You must find the reason why you exist
You must search your whole entire life if that’s the case
You must search for your purpose

. Why are you hear on this earth?
You must find the reason why you have life
And when you find the reason why you have life
You must create a massive vision
A vision that inspires you! 
A vision that motivates you!
 A vision that will give you reason to wake your ass up, early in the morning!
A vision that will give you a reason to grind every single day!

How bad do you really want an extra ordinary life?
What are you willing to do in order to experience that vision?

You must understand how powerful your thoughts and emotions are
Your thoughts and emotions are like WIFI
You can’t see WIFI, but it works
You can’t touch WIFI but it allows you to connect with someone across the world
Now, just because you can’t see WIFI, does not mean it does not exist

Now, your vision
You may not be able to touch your vision, you may not be able to see your vision in reality
But i want you to know that your mind body and soul is manifesting your vision, based on the energy you give to that vision.

You must take ownership of your life!
You must take ownership of your dream, of your passion, of your desire!

It must become real within you first before it shows up in reality!
You must understand you are a co-creator, you must understand you are a manifestor
That you, based on what you think, based on your beliefs, based on your faith
Will determine what you manifest in your life.

What type of life do you want to have
Who will you become!
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