The BEST Epic Background Music For Videos

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The BEST Epic Background Music For Videos – Volume 3 by Fearless Motivation
Download on iTunes, Google PlayAmazonMp3 and CD Baby (Mp3) + Stream On Spotify and Apple Music.

This is by far our greatest collection of Epic Instrumentals and Background Music For Videos.
23 Powerful Epic Background Instrumentals sure to inspire you through any workout, video creation or simply to play in the background while working.

Following on from our first 3 Epic Instrumental albums: Unleash Beats, Epic Instrumentals (Background Music for Videos) and Epicness: Best Epic & Cinematic Background Music, this album is by far our best Epic Background music work.

2 Hours of EPIC Background Music For Videos!

If you are wanting to use one of our tracks as background music for videos (YouTube videos, personal or commercial use) please contact us for permission

Generally speaking, we will allow anyone to use our epic background music for free in their youtube videos, providing they credit us (Fearless Motivation) as the creator of the music, with a link back to our website or to album itself in the video description.

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Epic Background Music For Videos – Volume 3

1. Win at All Costs (Epic Background Instrumental) 4:50
2. Discipline (Epic Greatness Background Music) 4:13
3. Prepared to Die (Epic Background Instrumental) 4:52
4. Fight Back! (Epic Background Music) 3:26
5. Vision (Epic Background Instrumental) 3:29
6. More Than a Game (Intense Epic Instrumental) 3:09
7. Better Than Yesterday (Cinematic Instrumental) 4:08
8. The Difference (Epic Background Instrumental) 4:37
9. Take Responsibility (Epic Background Instrumental) 4:30
10. Opportunity (Epic Background Instrumental) 4:10
11. Whatever It Takes (Epic Background Music) 4:56
12. Take Action (Epic Score Instrumental) 5:05
13. Easy Road (Epic Background Instrumental) 4:46
14. Be Prepared (Epic Background Instrumental) 4:39
15. Hero (Epic Background Instrumental) 5:53
16. First Place (Epic Background Instrumental) 4:52
17. Attack Your Goals (Epic Background Music) 3:38
18. Today Is the Day (Background Music) 4:17
19. Get out of Your Comfort Zone (Epic Cinematic Music) 4:30
20. Winners Win (Epic Background Instrumental) 5:15
21. Fearless Warrior (Epic Background Instrumental) 3:46
22. Take the First Step (Epic Background Music) 5:21
23. Future Starts Today (Epic Background Music) 4:55

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