7 Powerful Jay Z Quotes To Inspire You To Success.

7 Jay Z Quotes To Inspire You To Success.

Shawn “JAY Z” Carter is a famous American rapper and entrepreneur. His powerful attitude and passion towards his music has made him one of the most financially successful hip-hop artists of all time. In 2014, Forbes estimated Jay Z’s net worth at nearly $520 million. Here are 7 Jay Z Quotes To Inspire You To Success.



1- I’m hungry for knowledge. The whole thing is to learn every day, to get brighter and brighter. That’s what this world is about. You look at someone like Gandhi, and he glowed. Martin Luther King glowed. Muhammad Ali glows. I think that’s from being bright all the time, and trying to be brighter. Jay-Z Quotes

Knowledge is power. If you want to outgrow your circumstances, then you need to outgrow your current way of thinking. You do that by learning. Read books, listen to your favourite speakers online, use your spare time to fill your mind with knowledge.


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2- I believe you can speak things into existence. Jay Z Quotes

When you completely, 100% back yourself, anything is possible. If you live as if you are destined to be successful, you WILL become successful.


3- I’ve never looked at myself and said that I need to be a certain way to be around a certain sort of people. I’ve always wanted to stay true to myself, and I’ve managed to do that. People have to accept that. Jay-Z Quotes

Be true to yourself. There is no one else in the world like you. Your gifts are unique.


4- A wise man told me don’t argue with fools. Cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who. Jay Z Quotes.

There will always be resistance on the path to success. Some of that resistance will come in the form of people. Those people will tell you are foolish. They may even say you are crazy for following your dreams. Ignore them. You cannot win an argument with an idiot.


5- Jealousy’s a weak emotion. Jay-Z Quotes

Run your own race. Focus on your own goals. There will always be others who seem to have more than you, but becoming jealous of them only wastes your energy. Instead, use your power to create what it is that you want.


6- It’s always been most important for me to figure out “my space” rather than trying to check out what everyone else is up to, minute by minute. Technology is making it easier to connect to other people, but maybe harder to keep connected to yourself– and that’s essential for any artist, I think. Jay Z Quotes

Take time out. Step away from social media, emails, phone calls and even your personal relationships. Time alone is essential to recharge and keep in touch with your creativity.


7- I’m not afraid of dying. I’m afraid of not trying. Jay Z Quotes.

What’s worse than death? Quitting. If you start something, make it your business to finish it.


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  1. Yahya Choi

    I like this Quote,, ” Knowledge is power”.. use your spare time to fill your mind with knowledge.
    also ” the way you think determine your succes”


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