What’s the deal with 5 years, you might be wondering. Why this term?

5 years is considered enough time to complete a strategic goal and yet not too long for procrastinating on it. Not sure what your goal is? No worries. The team at Essay Tigers have put together this great infographic to explain how to write a 5 year plan and conquer your goals.

Figure out how you’d like to feel in 5 years. Want to become a calmer, more mindful person? More fulfilled? Or just plain happy? Write that down. Now paint a picture of yourself – what will you be like in 5 years? What will be your occupation and where will you leave? These will be your goals.

So you’ve completed the first step. Now it’s time to start planning. Writing a 5-year plan sounds like a meticulous and a bit scary task you don’t even want to start on. These first thoughts will pass as soon as you break your goal down. Just think of what you will have to achieve each month and day and write that down.

Now determine the actions for each day that will get you closer to your objective. And then think of the results you’d like to achieve. You must be able to measure them to evaluate your performance afterwards. The deadlines for each small project must be realistic.

Writing a plan is just the beginning of your road. Following it needs determination, strong will and motivation. To maintain those three, plan frequent breaks and little rewards for completing each milestone.

So there you go. All you have to do now is start taking action!

How To Write A 5 Year Plan – Goal Setting Perfection:

how to write a 5 year plan

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