Lee Jun-fan, more commonly known as Bruce Lee, was a famous Hong Kong-American martial artist, action film actor, martial arts instructor, philosopher, and filmmaker. He was also the founder of Jeet Kune Do, his own version of traditional Chinese martial art. His powerful influence had a profound effect on how Asians were presented in American film. Learn from the master, Bruce Lee Top 10 Rules For Success


Here are 5 Bruce Lee’s Top 10 Rules For Success & Most Famous Quotes


5 Inspiring Bruce Lee Quotes.

1- “Knowledge will give you power, but character, respect.” Bruce Lee Top 10 Rules For Success

Bruce Lee Top 10 Rules For Success

2- “I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.” Bruce Lee Top 10 Rules For Success

3- “If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” Bruce Lee Top 10 Rules For Success

Bruce Lee Top 10 Rules For Success

4- “To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.” Bruce Lee Top 10 Rules For Success

5- “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done. Make at least one definite move daily toward your goal.” Bruce Lee Top 10 Rules For Success



Bruce Lee’s Top 10 Rules For Success.


1- Demonstrate impressively.

Get creative. Be bold. Don’t be afraid to show off a little. When you are good at what you do, show people! Just make sure you can back it up with the goods when the time comes.

2- Express yourself.

Don’t be restricted by rules and regulations. Express yourself and your individuality. You uniqueness is your greatest asset. Be proud and show it to the world.

3- Have faith in yourself.

Have faith in who you are and what it is that you have to offer the world. There is no one else on the planet with your unique set of strengths and attributes. To become successful, your job is to find the best way to express and refine those strengths.

4- Exploit opportunity.

Being successful does not always mean pushing hard and striving. Sometimes, being patient and waiting for the right moment to act is the most crucial part of becoming a great success in what you do. When you are patient, you are able to see opportunities clearly as they approach you, rather than missing them because you are busy doing something else. Finding this balance is one of the greatest secrets of finding true and lasting success.

5- Be confident.

Trust yourself and your abilities. When you work hard and become great at something, there is no reason to be ashamed of the fact or hide it away. Live boldly and confidently.

6- Be like water.

Flexibility is a key aspect of having a successful life. If you become too rigid in your beliefs, you restrict yourself to see other people’s points of view, and you block yourself off from learning. To be successful we must remain open to being different version of ourselves every day, and always, always be open to learning something new.

7- Create your art.

You have the capacity to create the life you want to live. You are only restricted by your fears or your limited thinking. If the world you are in right now is not to your liking, then set about changing it. Create the life you want.

8- Commit fearlessly.

Deep down in your soul, you know who you are. You know your power, you know your greatness and you know that you can achieve ANYTHING. With this knowledge, you can commit fearlessly to whatever it is you want to achieve.

9- Don’t think, feel.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our heads that we forget about our instincts. Don’t spend too much time intellectualising life, or business or relationships, sometimes you just need to let all of that go and trust your gut.

10- Take on the best.

Life is too short to wonder ‘what if’. Become the best version of yourself, and then challenge it by testing yourself against the greatness of others. You may win or you may learn, but you will certainly become greater.


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