9 Famous Success Stories Despite Failure | Don’t Ever Give Up

“Dreaming to be a host of the most famous radio show? Or building a successful bakery business? Maybe you just want to write a bestseller book? Either of these dreams can be achieved. Just need to put in loads of work, tons of confidence in yourself and your project and a little courage, so that when all hell breaks loose, you’ll be able to stand strong and overcome each and every obstacle.

Albert Einstein once got expelled from high school. Did he give up his efforts in physics? No! Thomas Edison failed 9000 times before he had finally made his first electric lightbulb. And Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper, because “he lacked imagination”.

Anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it. And failures should be looked at only as temporary setbacks. Here’s the cycle you’ll have to go through multiple times before you succeed: try – fail – learn from failure – try again. There’s no easy way to do this. Just learn to see your decisions as experiments rather than final choices. Experiments can have either positive or negative results. Either case is good. Because you can see if your decision was right or wrong and do it differently next time.

Next time you think of quitting, remember these famous success stories. Humans that stuck it out and achieved insane success, against all odds!

famous success stories

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