Law Of Attraction Music – Like Attracts Like – Motivational Speech by Fearless Soul

The greatest of all laws, the law of attraction states that like attracts like, and you are a product of that which you think about, that which you believe most strongly. Put yourself in a positive state of mind and you will most likely attract positive. Listen to the great law of attraction music tracks by Fearless Soul on iTunes, Spotify and GooglePlay

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Lyrics & Music Copyright: Fearless Soul
Speaker: Rishi Sood

Lyrics – Law Of Attraction Music – Like Attracts Like – Motivational Speech by Fearless Soul

Everything in the universe is energy.
Including you.
Basically put,
The law of attraction states that
Like attracts like
And the exact circumstances of your life
are entirely dependent on your
own ability to think and feel
in alignment of what
you truly want

And when you don’t manage
that busy little mind of yours,
if you’re unconscious of the kinds
of feelings you’re experiencing,
You are creating the life
you’re living by default.
Not by design.

The trick is not to
just think positively,
but it is to become the person
who is the embodiment
of the circumstances you wish
to experience in your life.

That means not only thinking
your way to success,
but becoming one with success,
becoming one who manages
their time
their finances
their relationships
becoming kind hearted
to experience more kind heartedness
in your reality.

Have you ever noticed how the
happiest people in this world
Aren’t the ones complaining about
how bad the world is all the time?

Have you noticed how the most
universally loved people in your social group
are also the ones who avoid gossiping
and bad mouthing other people?

Have you noticed how the most
financially-independent individuals
are also the ones who aren’t wasting time
whining about how bad the economy is?

Let me tell you something about your reality.
You can not attract the experiences you are seeking in life
while focusing on the opposite of those experiences.

To truly understand the Law of attraction
you need to get in the habit of looking
at your life as you would a mirror.
You need to begin looking
at your life as a reflection
and the exact circumstances of
your reflection, or your outer world
are a result of what is happening
internally, inside of you.

I want you to imagine that
you are out for dinner.
Someone tells you there’s
a smudge on your face.
So you go to the
bathroom to wipe it off.

Let me ask you something:
Do you go to the mirror and
start wiping it in order to
attempt to wipe the smudge
off your face?

No. You wipe the smudge
off your own face in order
to see the change
in the reflection.

Likewise, if you want to begin
to harness the power of the Law of attraction
you must be willing to change your own
and way of being
in order to see the results
in your physical reality.

You have to become the kind of
person who is receptive of the
experiences you wish to attract.

So you need to get clear.
Once you get clear on your ideal life
you must begin to focus on it.
You have to begin to align your
belief system to match the
reality you wish to create.
It does no good focusing
at a million dollar lifestyle
if you don’t believe you can accomplish it.
And once you truly believe,
you must begin to act.

I have never seen a marathon
runner sit at the starting line
and think about winning
the race and actually do so.
At some point you must begin
to run if you have any
hopes of winning the race.

Align your thoughts, feelings and beliefs,
immerse yourself in them unconditionally
and your outer reality will have no choice
but to reflect your positive changes back on to you.

law of attraction music

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One Response

  1. Charles W Lane

    “Align your thoughts, feelings and beliefs . . .”
    Sounds so familiar.
    Congruence. Authenticity. Integrity.
    Thought, Word, and Deed.
    Courage to change what we can,
    Serenity to accept what we can’t,
    Wisdom to know the difference.
    any trinity you want to make it out to be.
    but what is the substance, where does it come from, is there any truth . . . or is it what you say . . . whatever can be imagined . . . the impulse of the heart to serve yourself, because . . . if it feels good do it.

    Sounds familiar, but what’s your model, your example, whose values . . .

    Man is the measure of all things?
    We become what we worship?
    It’s better to rule on earth than serve in heaven.


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