Today, we’re bringing you top the most inspiring Michael Phelps quotes. Michael Phelps is a legendary swimmer, 22 times olympic gold medal winner, and considered to be one of the greatest athletes in the history of sport.
Phelps still holds the all time records in the 100 & 200 metre butterfly, and 400 meter individual medley. Having a dream, believing in yourself and doing what you LOVE, is Michael Phelps path to success.

20 Inspiring Michael Phelps Quotes

1. “You have to have a dream so that you can get up in the morning.”

2. “If you want to be the best, you have to do things that other people aren’t willing to do.”
michael phelps quotes
3. “You can’t put a limit to anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.”

4. “I found something i love… and never gave up!”

5. “The more you dream, the more you achieve”

6. “I knew i was not a failure in any way, and so did those close to me. It doesn’t matter if you fall short; it is never a failure to go after goals with everything you’ve got.”

7. “If i didn’t swim my best, i’d think about it at school, at dinner, with my friends. It would drive me crazy.”

8. “There are always going to be obstacles that come in your way, STAY POSITIVE”
michael phelps quotes
9. “So many people along the way, whatever it is you aspire to do, will tell you it can’t be done. But all it takes is imagination. You dream. You plan. You reach. There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, with belief, with confidence and trust in yourself and those around you, there are no limits.”

10. “When i feel tired, i just think about how great i will feel, once i finally reach my goal.”
michael phelps quotes
11. “People say to me, You’re so lucky. You get to see the world. But i don’t. I go to the hotel and the pools and back again. THAT’S IT.”

12. “I wouldn’t say anything is impossible. I think that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and put the work and time into it.”

13. “Swimming is more than a once-every-four-years sport. May goal is to bring attention to swimming – to give it some personality.”

14. “I won’t predict anything historic. But nothing is impossible.”

15. “It doesn’t matter what else is going on. When you walk into your arena or you – whatever you excel at. You’re there to take care of the job that you have to do.”

16. “If you say “can’t” you’re restricting what you can do or ever will do”
michael phelps quotes
17. “I feel most at home in the water. I disappear. That’s where i belong.”

18. “I want to be able to look back say, “i’ve done everything i can, and i was succesful”. I don’t want to look back and say i should have done this or that. I’d like to change things for younger generation of swimmers comming along.”

19. “I learned how fast you can go from being an international hero to being a reference in a joke on a late night talk show.”

20. “With so many people saying it couldn’t be done, all it takes is an imagination.”

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