Why is it that most people never achieve their goals? Why is it that most people never live the life THEY want to live?
The answer is most people settle. They settle for average. They settle for OTHERS expectations. Don’t be most people! Make a commitment to becoming the MINORITY. Make a commitment to be DIFFERENT!

“Most People” – Motivational Video For The Minority

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Speaker: Bryan Burton

Transcript: MOST PEOPLE Motivational Speech

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If you truly want more out of life, chances are you’re not really going to fit in anywhere… I mean really fit in.
Because the majority of people, settle for average, and if you don’t drop down to their level – there’s going to be conflict.

They won’t like the fact that you are committed to your dreams, because it reminds them that they gave up on theirs.

One of the biggest reasons most people don’t follow through with their dream life, is fear they will be left out if they achieve it. This may be conscious or unconscious, but most people give up, not because they can’t make it, not because they aren’t capable, but because they are surround by people who have settled, people who don’t want to see you succeed because that would remind them that they didn’t.

They might start saying ‘you’ve changed’ since you became successful – not understanding that your goal was ALWAYS to change. To develop. To reinvent yourself!

You will hear ridiculous comments like ‘successful people are greedy’, or my favorite: ‘there’s more to life than money’.

 Of course there is more to life than money! There’s also more to life than struggling to pay bills and put food on the table!

Successful people are not greedy, it may be possible there exists some financially rich human beings that are greedy, just as there are some broke humans who take advantage of others – should we then assume all broke people take advantage of other humans, should we pigeon hole them as well? 

Of course not. 

But many people who have not realized their dreams like to point the finger at those that have made it, and assume they got lucky, or they trod on others to get there.

So much negativity toward the successful – and the sad part is, they will never be successful with this mentality.

Successful people did not fall out of the sky and drop into a lovely rainbow full of gold bullion.

You ask 99% of successful people how they achieved their dream life, and I can assure you the story will be the same:

* They worked harder than the majority.
* They kept going when the majority gave up.
* They suffered through failure, but made sure that was not the end, rather a lesson learned.
* They went through hell, but always focused on the end goal.

Only a very small percentage of humans understand this. Very few respect the successful and their hard work, sacrifice and dedication.


MOST people would rather hate on the successful, than LEARN from them. Than model them.

MOST people would rather pick up a beer, rather than a book. 

Then they complain they are in a dead end job, or complain they got laid off from their job… but if they made the right decisions early on, they wouldn’t have to clean up their bad decisions later on.

MOST people would rather party now, and suffer later. Maybe that’s why most people are not where they want to be. Maybe that’s why most people complain. Maybe that’s why most people live with regret.

If you are most people, commit right now to becoming the minority!

SET YOUR GOALS. RIGHT NOW! Don’t you waste another moment of your life!

FIND A MENTOR. In a book or in person. And LEARN from them. Model them. READ. Develop your mind. Re invent yourself. MAKE A COMMITMENT TO BE DIFFERENT!!

Make a commitment to never give up on your goal, your dream life, your vision. Your FUTURE SELF is begging you to make that commitment. Your future self is begging you TO STICK IT OUT. Your future self is begging you to be DIFFERENT!

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5 Responses

  1. steven koeberg

    Powerful I’m already feeling determined my problem was procrastination I always delay I always say I will do it tomorrow many things I say I want to do but when it comes to action I just relax maybe its cause o lost my purpose along the way nothing is motivating me anymore I just take life as it comes but now that I read this article I feel revived to stand up and fight for my dreams thank you fearless motivation

  2. Masego Jane Morapa

    thanks for the inspiration that i have found in you.I started reading this motivations today but I feel so inspired.you really gave me the strength to believe in myself.

  3. Armando

    How can I find out more on the speaker named “Bryan Burton?” Can’t find him on google. Do you guys have him on this site?


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