7 Fitness Tips to Keep your New Year Resolutions on Track

Keeping any New Year resolution can be a difficult thing, especially when it involves getting back in shape or going to the gym. Holidays often mean excess food and just hanging around the house, which isn’t good for your health.

By writing your resolutions down, you can make your goals more meaningful and more serious. Losing weight is hard and takes time, so be patient. Also, the absence of daily exercises during the holidays will get you out of shape, besides making it more difficult for you to return to a workout program.

Luckily, we have some tips for you to help you maintain your New Year’s fitness resolutions.


  • Keep things real and don’t reach for miracles


Saying you want to lose weight is a good start. Now you also have to be realistic about it. Instead of imagining yourself 40 pounds lighter, set a goal that is reachable for you.

It’s better to lose a couple of pounds less than you’ve planned and be happy about it, than be depressed because you couldn’t fulfill your resolution.

If you are looking for ways to motivate yourself to workout, setting realistic goals is a key point. Also, your motivation level will increase when you realize that you’re getting closer and closer to the weight you desire.


  • Self-motivation is the key


Positive thinking will get you half of the way. The right state of mind can dictate how much time and interest you are willing to dedicate to your purpose.

Also, it can have positive changes for your body. Negative thoughts won’t get you closer to where you want to be, but they will leave you feeling down.

Whether you’ve just woken up or you’re riding the subway, take a moment and compliment yourself on the progress you’ve made and appreciate every lost pound.

Instead of thinking “I’m never going to be able to do  it,” think “I’m one step closer to doing it,” or “I’m one step closer to succeeding.” Repeat this to yourself until you reach your goal.


  • Work three muscles a day for great results


An exercise routine should make you work at least three muscle groups per day. So pay attention to your activities and their action on different parts of your body.

Fitness has the best results when done three times a day in shorter sessions. If it takes too long for you to get to the gym, start working out at home.

Don’t just exhaust yourself, but work out smart and efficiently. Some exercises might be harder than others, but they take less time than your regular ones. Mix them up for the best results!


  • Get a workout buddy to help you out


Almost every sport is easier to do when you have a friend that shares the same ambitions and motivations with you. Most certainly, you have a friend who is going through the same problems as you, so why not go to the gym together? This way, you can develop a support system, so that you keep each other’s high spirits in check.


  • Watch your meals and your nutrients’ intake


Even if you avoid fats and carbohydrates, it doesn’t mean you provide your body with the right amount of minerals, vitamins, and fibers.

In order for your muscle mass to grow, you should consume food rich in proteins. Also, fresh fruits and vegetables are highly recommended for a healthy organism.


  • Set some fitness goals to reach your purpose


Divide your main goal into several little ones set for a one-year period. This will make you concentrate on your fitness routine better.

Make an agenda and keep track of the number of exercises you did this month compared to last month. This way, you’ll have a better grip on reality, and you’ll know how fast your body adjusts to your workout.


  • Install a reward system for yourself


Whenever you’ve reached your fitness goal for a day, treat yourself to a nice movie you’ve wanted to see. Plan a weekend trip or a day at the pool for a month of good results. Do something as a  reward for your hard work. A massage or a night out with your friends are always great choices.

By doing things that will make you happy after you’ve completed a workout, you’ll feel like you’ve achieved something and this will boost your motivation.

Keep tabs on the progress you’ve made and don’t get upset if you don’t lose any pounds after the first week. Remember that not only up to you; the metabolism also has a role in how fast you lose weight. Talk to a dietician to help you with your diet and get a personal trainer that could give you some helpful advice.

Stick to your goals and keep in mind that New Year is the best time to turn your life around!

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