15 Thought-Provoking Questions To Discover Your Passion In Life

Tony Robbins often talks about the importance of asking the right questions. The right questions can serve as an anchor amidst a sea of chaos. They can throw light in the right direction and get us out of darkness.

Here are 15 thought provoking questions to discover your passion in life.

1. Who inspires you? Who are your mentors? Why?

Some of us are inspired by athletes such as Michael Phelps, who has more gold medals than 66 countries combined. Others find inspiration in actors like Christian Bale, who transforms like a phoenix from one role to the other. Examine the people who inspire you and find what calls you to their craft.

2. What do people thank you for? How do you usually help them?

We all have a hint of greatness within us. Some are good at making others laugh while others are good at business and can make money with innovative ways. What is your thing?

3. What would you do if you knew you’d not fail?

Many singers, actors, and filmmakers don’t ever reach the mainstream because of self-doubt and the fear of failure. If failure didn’t exist, what would you do?

4. If you were sitting in the audience at your own funeral, what would you want to hear people say?

Life is short. What story do you want to become? How do you want to remember you? If you want to discover your passion in life, answer this question. Because in the face of death, everything including fear of failure, fear of embarrassment and pride vanishes, and what remains is the truly important.

discover your passion in life

5. You have two free hours and an internet connection. What would you browse?

If it’s politics, you may become a diplomat, politician, or a writer who covers politics. If it’s entertainment, you may become a comedian, actor, director, or writer. Know how you fit into the thing that pulls you.

6. Think about the last time you were so immersed in something that you lost track of time. What were you doing?

The best things in life are so good that we lose all sense of time. It may be music, painting, speaking, writing, etc. It is what you’re destined to do. To discover your passion in life, you have to find things that consume your entire being.

7. Think about the time when you performed so well that you surprised yourself as well as others. What was the goal and why did you work so hard?

The moments where we shine our brightest indicate our hidden potential to accomplish much more. Study those moments and learn from them. What state were you in at that time? What was your REASON for working so hard? What emotions were you feeling? How were you standing? You can recreate great achievements in your life, if you pay attention or learn HOW you achieved the result and then replicate it.

8. What do your friends say you’re good at? What’s the thing for which they say “You should be doing this in real life…”?

Because we live in groups, our actions are bound to affect others. Notice how you helped your friends.

9. What makes you most disturbed about the state of society? If you had all the resources, how would you fix it?

Everyone is angry about how society is today. The things you feel most attached to are the things where you can get involved and provide solutions for. To discover your passion in life, look at the things you would like to change in society.

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10. On what subjects do you defend or argue with your friends? What do you believe about these subjects?

If you ever engage in debate with people, what stance do you take? What we stand for shows that we’re willing to solve a related problem.

11. What makes you afraid thinking about the next generation? What do you think should happen before they arrive?

We have caused a havoc on earth – global warming, terrorism, drugs, human trafficking – many things disturb the society. What are you most attached to?

12. How do you spend your leisure time? What specific subjects or things do you usually immerse yourself into?

Your hobbies and interests will reveal the things you want to do and can do. If you love reading, you can become a writer. If you love watching movies, you can perhaps become a director yourself. Don’t see limits. See opportunities.

13. What are you doing when you feel excited, satisfied and beautiful at the same time?

We all have moments when we’re at the peak of life. We feel more vibrant, loved, happy, and content inside. Study those moments.

discover your passion in life


14. The most successful people are obsessed with solving a problem. What problem calls you to solve it? Why does it matter to you?

Elon Musk decided to solve perhaps the biggest problem, the problem of human species going extinct because of the destruction of earth. His solution is to take us to Mars. What problem can you solve? To discover your passion in life, solve a major problem faced by people.

15. If you were to lead a revolution, what would it be?

Inside us lie the seeds of change, the seeds of a better future. This change, if harnessed to its full potential, can become a revolution. Go crazy in your imagination and see what revolution you will lead.

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