Why Your Disability Doesn’t Mean You Have to Stop Playing Sports

For many people, sport is their life. It offers an outlet from the rest of the issues or problems around them, and from the moment that first whistle is blown their mind is set on grasping that feeling of victory. There can be a number of different reasons that you think you have to stop playing sports, but if you have been involved in some sort of accident or have developed an illness which has affected your sporting performance then you may believe it is the end. However, there are number of reasons why you can still carry on playing a sport – some of which are listed below.

Try a New Sport

For some people, it is not the actual sport they play that gives them the thrill – but it is the feeling of taking part or winning that they enjoy the most. Therefore, if you are suffering from a disability which means you can no longer the play sport which you played beforehand, you could try a different sport which doesn’t require primary use of that body part. For instance, if you were previously a tennis player you would have had to use your hands and have good stamina – however an accident which affects your arms or hands would prevent you from playing the sport. An alternative you could try is professional running or cycling, as you would still be able to utilise your high level of stamina and your arm injury will not be an issue either!

The only disability in life is a bad attitude.

Paralympic Sports

Over the past decade or so, Paralympic sport has developed into a sport which is just as popular Olympic level sports. There are variations of hundreds of standard sports such as rugby, tennis and football where rules have been altered so that people who suffer from disabilities can still play the sport. For the majority of sports there are a range of different disabilities which still allow you to play the game, which can be either mental or physical issues. This still allows the sportsperson to get the fulfilment of playing the sport regardless of the problems they are facing.

Become a Coach or Referee

If you have to deal with the news that you can no longer play the sport you love, it doesn’t mean you have to end your association with it! This is especially the case if this is a sportsperson who has been playing the sport for a long period of time, as it means that you can help bring through the next generation with the knowledge that you currently have. Another thing you can do with the experience you’ve attainted is become a referee or umpire, as you will be able to officiate based on your knowledge of the sport.

To Sum Up

Suffering from a disability does not mean you have to stop playing sport. The suggestions above are just a few things you can do make sure you can still have an involvement in the sports which you love. Yes, becoming disabled will be a big strain on your life, but sport can still be the outlet you use to overcome you issues.

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